Tailor Life and Choose To Live It At Your Own Pace

Remember the time you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to grow up and explore the perks of being an adult. You thought the school was tough. And you thought adult life was easy as they did not have homework, but now you realize how wrong were you?

There are certain struggles that we all face as adults. But it is up to us how we choose to face them and learn to live with them. So feel no pressure and take life at your own pace. Below we list some methods on how to achieve that.

The Underdog Tactic

ZigZiglar advocates the underdog tactic – it means approaching everything in life as if it was your first time. So no matter what curve ball life throws at you, don’t for a moment think that you cannot find a way out of this. With an amateur’s frame of mind, you will approach the problem with something to prove.

If you assign a trainee a task at the workplace and ask him to deliver, he will pull off all stops to come with a means to do that task because it is his first day and he has to prove his worth to the organization, to his boss and his colleagues. Point being, stakes are high, so raise your stakes too and challenge yourself. With a little stress, you will come out on top. Promise.

Start Off The Day By Doing Things You Love

You think the first thing you should do when you wake is to take the Lord’s name, then supplicate like a good Christian that you are (I mean if that is your thing). If not, then you think reading a chapter from your favorite in the wee hours of the morning, do that! If you think exercise is the way to go, do that instead!

Point being, do what you love and by doing what you love at the start of the day, you are in control of your day. Best essay help services online are available. That way, you cannot complain that you couldn’t find time to make kiss your spouse if that is the first thing you want to do when you wake up tomorrow.

Word of advice: The example above may not apply, in general. So exercise care, the other person may not necessarily have the same preference as yours in the morning. People usually tend to sleep.

Surround Yourself With People Who Share The Same Interests As Yourself

It is not that hard as it appears to be. You can easily map out the other person by talking to them, by engaging them in conversation. If you think small talk is not meant for you, distance yourself from such people. You want to have more meaningful communication, find people who also love to have such conversations.

Once located spend time in their company by going to concerts, visiting your local library, plan to hang out with them and the likes thereof.


To sum up, don’t be too hard on yourself just because you are a grown up. I know the responsibilities multiply, but you cannot beat yourself up for meeting those responsibilities at the expense of your health, your problems, and your drive in life.