With this season’s new releases, all book readers are waiting for the new published works from established authors. Here are some most successful holiday book releases. A variety of novels and ideas only from the great and famous authors. The following books are written in no particular order. As the holiday season is near, it is the best time to collect these books. To read during travel or to send as a gift to your family , friends or loved ones.

Charlotte Street

Danny Wallace’s Charlotte Street is a scenery on Charlotte Street. It tells about a guy named Jason Priestly who lends a hand to a girl on Charlotte Street. They spent some moments together till she’s gone. The girl had left her disposable camera. He developed to see the photos and he spotted into something different.

Museum of Extraordinary Things

In this Alice Hoffman’s novel, it is about a tale of a girl named Coralie. She is the daughter of a ‘freak show’ owner, a sinister boardwalk in the early twentieth century. Alice will bring us to a magical journey of romance and drama.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

The story is written by Audrey Niffenegger. It is about a married couple named Henry and Clare. The husband’s genetic clock randomly resets throwing him into the past or future accidentally and made their normal living quite difficult.

Dear Thing

This Julie Cohen’s book is an emotional and a book that will make you think. Its story is about a couple named Ben and Claire which seems to be almost perfect in each and every way except for a fact that they can not have a baby.

Romily is a friend of Ben who offers to be a surrogate. All went well for all of them until the situation changed. Romily’s old feelings for Ben came back. The end of the story will be uplift your spirits. A must read book.

Tempting Fate

A book from Jane Green, Tempting Fate, is about love and family. It is a story about relationships driven by temptation and betrayal. It is a story about a family where Gabby became restless and met another young and successful man. The time she met Matt, her life with her two daughters and husband suddenly changed. This equates the complexities of human heart and temptations. This is a story where mostly can relate.

Lucky Us

Amy Bloom’s story, Lucky US, is a 1940s story. This story is about the half-sisters’ journey in life. Iris and Eva tried to reinvent themselves to seek fame and fortune in Hollywood. Their mission takes them overseas and encounters all their paths successes and misfortunes.

What makes these books good reads this holiday season?

These books make a good holiday reads as all of these books offer laughs and some of these books offer adventure. Some books are perfect while waiting for your coffee to kick in and give you a sense of escaping some unforgettable histories. More information you can find on Edusson platform.

These holiday book releases are the best books to be read. It doesn’t matter whether you want to travel or just want to stay at home with the family. Some of these books have a historical fiction and a bit of mystery which you will definitely enjoy. If you will be having a long holiday, try to read a longer novel.

These books are all thought provoking and will set your spirits high. Stories and novels from our great authors which for sure will make you love, cry and laugh. Stories that you never even imagined. Stories which will be part of your life this holiday season.

This article was prepared by Edusson writers.