It is vital that the garage door works all the time. If there are problems, then homeowners might not be able to park their cars inside or get at vital tools that they need for the garden. People might think that fixing the garage door repairs in Perth are incredibly difficult, however, this simply isn’t the case. There are lots of different ways to fix a garage door efficiently. Read this helpful guide about five easy fixes for common door problems.

Put Some Oil On The Hinges

When people have a problem with their manual garage doors, they might panic and think that the entire garage door needs to be taken completely off the hinges. However, this is an overreaction because the root cause of the problem usually turns out to be very simple indeed. The most common cause of garage doors getting stuck is that the hinges have started to rust up and the door cannot be properly closed or opened. If this has happened then it is time to get some oil and grease the hinges of the garage door.

The garage hinges need to be given some time in order to let the oil soak in and do its magic. Once the oil has been allowed to set on the hinges, then people should have no problems at all with the door. They should be able to full and open the garage without the hinges catching and causing a problem. Click here for garage doors repairs that deal with rust.

Have The Dents Smoothed Out

Dents are common in garage door especially if cars knock against them or people throw cricket balls at them. These dents can be smoothed out by beating the panels with a hammer.

Replace The Handle

The handles on manual garage doors might fall off, especially if the garage door has been used for a number of decades. Replace the handle as soon as possible, otherwise, the door might be difficult to open.

Have The Garage Door Painted With Resistant Paint

The paint on the garage door might start to flake off if it is exposed to high temperatures and rain. Paint the garage door with a weather-resistant layer of paint so that the door looks great.

Replace The Motor On The Automatic Door

Automatic doors are incredibly convenient because they allow people to open and close the garage without even getting out of their cars. Because manual garage doors can sometimes take a bit of effort to close, especially if they are made of a heavy material like wood, then automatic doors are ideal for elderly people or those with bad backs or knees.

Whilst the automatic doors are incredibly convenient, the main problem is that the motor can become jammed. This might mean that the door fails to open or close all the way. In the worst case scenario, the door could rapidly open and close if there is damage to the motor or the wiring. This could cause serious injury. In this case, the motor will need to be completely replaced.

Use this guide to fix common garage door problems.