House can be sold through an estate or to property cash buyer. If you sell house using an agent then several aspects need considering.

Estate agent’s commission

Estate agent fees differ. It can be anything around 1% – 3% of selling price. Certainly, online estate agents are cheaper but have a fixed charge. You need to arrange and perform viewings of the house to potential buyers.

Energy performance certificate

EPC is needed, while selling the house. It includes information about your home’s energy efficiency grade (A to G). ‘A’ means most efficient and obviously ‘G’ indicates poor EPC. EPC is conducted by certified domestic energy assessors. Getting your home on EPC register includes significant cost.

Conveyance fees

A licensed conveyancer or solicitor is needed to handle the legal aspect of property selling. Flat fee or property value percentages are the pricing patterns. Generally, the exact cost will depend on complexity of transaction.

All the above cost can be averted using property cash buyer. No estate agent gets involved therefore the fees get eliminated completely from the equation. You will not have to incur the EPC charges or conveyance fees because the property cash buyer will take care of everything. To get a good cash offer deal visit to sell your house.

Tips to sell home to property cash buyer


Selling home to property cash buyer saves time and money. However, it is practical to research the potential property cash buyer before contacting. Visit their website to understand how they work, prior making an inquiry.

Set your limits & selling options

Identify your sale priorities and limitations. It does not matter, why you are selling the house but have a clear outline of time and financial limits. Your selling priority will make the sale process as smooth and speedy as possible.

Ask questions frankly

Never hesitate to ask questions because you are actually dealing with the buyer directly. Cutting the middlemen enables clear communication promoting the good practice of customer’s diplomacy and confidentiality. A qualified property cash buyer is happy to answer any concerns or questions and clear everything necessary.

Read contract documents before signing

Reading of any kind of documents, before signing is a good practice. Selling your house is a huge deal. Therefore, while reading the contract you come across jargons that are not understandable then ask the property cash buyer to explain it. Never feel ashamed to ask! They are knowledgeable about property sector and everything associated with correct legal transaction.

Sign only when you are satisfied

Property cash buyers guarantee to buy the house thus eliminating the chance of sale deal collapsing due to chain dependency. An initial oral decision will be made followed by signing of written contract. However, before you sign the contract paperwork officially, make sure you are satisfied with your decision.

Remember even if your house is in poor conditions, you can consult property cash buyers. Your house can get sold quickly and this allows you to move on with your life as soon as possible.