The phrase ‘EE fixed IP SIM’ actually contains three independent terms such as EE, fixed IP, and SIM. EE stands for Everything Everywhere, fixed IP means static IP address, and SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. In short, when we talk about EE fixed IP SIM, it essentially connotes a complicated stuff that promises to make your life easy as a customer.

Things To Know About EE Fixed IP SIM

It is, however, important to mention here that EE is the largest communication company in UK that offers solutions bespoke to the needs of the Orange and T-mobile customers in UK. The best part is that EE’s offer spread over several segments such as entertainment, phones, and devices. You will be happy to know that EE has joined the BT Group that further strengthens EE’s capability and network with the help of BT Infinity – a superfast fibre optic broadband.

What is a fixed IP SIM?

This is a very pertinent question here that will help you understand how EE fixed IP SIM can change your life. As the name suggests, a fixed IP connotes a static IP address that is allocated to a SIM for multitasking through and with the help of diverse networks spread all over the world. In other words, as a customer of a fixed IP SIM, you continue to enjoy some coveted benefits such as the following.

• You are privileged to enjoy seamless two-way communication in the case of voice and data both no matter how many times you lose connectivity with your network service provider. This is possible since your IP address always remains the same. It further construes that subscribing to a fixed IP SIM, you get the real-time connectivity round the clock and across the geographies.

• With the fixed IP address on your SIM, you can remotely access and control your devices. Thus, managing the devices becomes easy for you.

• Fixed IP SIM keeps you connected through a private APN (Access Point Name) and thus, you always remain connected through the strongest network available at a place even when you are roaming. The best part is that it automatically shifts you to the next best network at a place when the network signal strength weakens and results in call drops.

What EE fixed IP SIM may mean to you:

• Remote access and monitoring of multiple devices and activities such as CCTV, wind farms, and vehicle tracking

• Secure wireless payment gateway and smart metering

• Digital signage, ATM, and telemetry applications

• EPOS (Electronic Point of Sales) bespoke to the needs of your business

EE is now a BT Group company and has launched 4G services in UK. Thus, EE has potentially changed the face of connectivity in UK. It is stated that the 4G services from EE offer 50% speedy connectivity over others such as 2G or 3G. EE has a community that is popularly known as EE Community. It is an online entity where people can post their concerns and discuss the same among the community people for assistance.