Top Reasons To Hit For Animated Video Production

Animations have changed the ways academic and corporate world works. While many organizations focus on creating live-action videos with humans in it, others have the agenda of using animated videos for business purposes. Both of them have their own reasons for choosing two different ways. Here are some reasons why and when to use animated videos.

Not Enough On-Screen Talent To Produce A Quality Video:

If you’re not a performer, then animated videos are the last resort! One of the best reasons you can choose to make animation is because you do not have the camera talent or performers to bring the best in the video. Undoubtedly, an impactful video is the one in which actors perform brilliantly so as to induce some reality for the audience. However, if you do not have the right talent, it’s better to go for animation.

Lack Of Proper Equipment For Quality Video Production:

Moreover, the right equipment such as high quality DSL camera, lightening equipment and various other things are required to produce a live-action video. It is rare that a company has all these things. On the other hand, an animation does not require expensive tools and is easy to develop through software.

More Use Of Statistics And Abstract Ideas:

According to a research, audience is more engaged and remembers the presentation with attractive visuals. If there is a lot of numbers and numeric data to present, then making an interactive animation is the best option. It is evident that using graphics and visuals for communicating a message with high intensity of numeric figures is a good choice. Data and information, which are engaging, bring life to the entire presentation. It is quite obvious that written statistics will retain in the minds of the audience than the oral ones so use animation when delivering a highly numeric data.

Likewise, there are many ideas which are difficult to explain, but easier to show. This notion fits perfectly in a situation where you are deciding which medium to choose for explaining abstract ideas. Just like you learn more through practice than theory, you understand more through visuals than listening.

You Want To Make Changes Later:

Editing a live action video with people is quite a hefty task. If you didn’t shoot the scene correctly, you have to do it over and over again until you get your best shot. Making changes is a necessary part of live shooting; therefore you will have to make changes later anyway. The different shots if not matched, look extremely weird and many of the people in the audience are smart enough to notice the goofs. If you don’t want to distract your audience or don’t want them to notice that you have taken the shots a multiple times in a single scene, and then go for animations. Animated movies let you edit easily, whether you want to tweak your ideas a bit later or update some other information in the movie. With animations, you can make changes within minutes and it is relatively easier to edit clips than the entire original video.

Have A Controlled Environment:

With animations, you have the liberty to go beyond abstract ideas and not worry about all the physics and chemistry. You can show a man flying or show an entire city empty with not much effort. This means that you have complete control over the environment!

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