Going solar has been one of the top choices of people across the world. It not only saves energy, but can also be the most eco-friendly choice for getting electricity. However, there are many questions in people’s mind regarding their durability as well as certain other aspects.

The most frequent question asked by many homeowners after the installation of solar panels is normally about their reliability and longevity. There are indeed many factors that affects the duration for which solar panels may typically last. There are panels used today that were produced before 40 years and are still producing electricity!

Generally, manufacturers give about 25 year warranty. However, if they are maintained properly in optimal conditions, then they may even double up that lifespan. So, let us take a deeper look at some of the factors affecting the durability of solar panels.

Proper Maintenance

Solar panels usually don’t need more maintenance as compared to other forms of energy sources. However, it will greatly depend on a number of factors such as where you live and how these panels are installed. The solar panels work their best when they get direct sunlight.

If solar panels are maintained properly, then they can prove to be very effective in producing energy over a long period of time. For instance, maintenance can be needed to make sure that the panels are not shaded by the overgrown limbs or trees, dirt, debris, or any other dirt, since it can negatively influence the efficiency of your panels.

Did you think about Winter Maintenance?

Winter can bring new set of problems for the solar panels. The snow may block the ability of the panels to produce electricity. So, removal of snow is very essential to maximize energy efficiency of your solar panels. You can get solution for each and every of your query just by visiting www.los-angeles.solar.

This can be pretty dangerous in case you have installed solar roof times having sloped roof. It can make them more complex to clean.

Some other considerations

Some areas may get affected by the high winds that make them more important to be regularly cleaned. Dust from dirt roadways, gravel, sand, pollen, or fields must be removed properly.

Sometimes, smog in city may also tend to settle on the solar panels that can block direct sunrays coming to the panels. Wiping them at regular intervals can help you to improve their efficiency.

When it comes to the replacement, the solar panels typically won’t require any replacement. However, the inverter that converts DC from panels to AC may need replacement. Generally, the inverter warranty may range from 10-15 years.

The modern type of the inverter called the micro inverter that handles output of all panels is known to have very long lifespan. They are generally included or installed with every solar panel. They can sometimes even last for decades!

The return on investment of the solar panels is far better than other methods of getting electricity. They can remarkably lock your electricity prices for many years to come!