Containers are ideal for transporting a large amount of goods via boat or freight trains across the world. However, you need to make sure that you pick the most suitable container for your needs at each time.

At YMC container solutions, we build a wide range of quality purpose built containers designed to your specific needs.

Making sure that every element matches our high testing quality control and as well as being tailored to your specific requirements. We make sure that every container matches our 6 key factors:


Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through our BSEN ISO quality management certification.


All of our containers are stringently tested and independently certified. Our in-house testing facilities include a thermal test chamber and structural test rig so you can be assured of the structural integrity of these products. We make sure that every product is designed to maintain you set durability. This includes are specially designed nuclear containers. The NucCon nuclear containers have been specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of our customers from within the Nuclear industry including the manufacture of nuclear waste ISO containers.


Our three factories are designed to cater for maximum production flexibility. The ability to ensure swift, efficient changeovers from one model to another has meant that the company remains one of the most flexible facilities for freight container manufacture in the industry.


A container repair and refurbishment service can be provided for all of our containers, ensuring that the same high standards achieved during manufacturing are maintained throughout the life of the containers. Our custom made solutions take into account the configurations of the containers to meet with client specifications as well as incorporating stringent safety and protection checks.


All of our main product lines are suitable for rail, road and sea transportation so you can be assured that our container solutions will be compatible with your existing fleet.


 Working in partnership with our customers we have developed a range of bespoke products. We have a portfolio of over 400 registered designs or our in-house design team can work with you to develop something new.

When investing in containers, it is important to make sure that you purchase containers from a company where quality is at the heart of what they do. At YMC container solutions we specialise in creating and designing bespoke containers for any purpose. Each highly trained team at all three of our sites ensure the seamless delivery of superior, consistent high quality products. We are focused on the efficient production of products to fit the purpose of each client.

A specialist in containers is able to advise you on what are the important elements to include a container depending on your specific needs. Each member of our team is able to discuss a potential project idea you may have and also provide advice on your next container. Make sure you talk to container specialist when making your next purchase to ensure you buy exactly what you need.

This article is written by Becky Lisbet with useful information from YMC. Becky is Marketing Manager for a digital agency in glorious Batley, West Yorkshire.