The Importance Of Road Safety

We all know how dangerous the road can be. There is a reason why the car is often referred to as a killing machine. Able to take lives at a moment’s lack of attention, it is greatly advised that you remain wary on the road, at all times. Not only is a driver potentially endangering his and his passengers’ lives, but also that of people outside their car, from traffic participants to pedestrians. In order to try and make roads a tad safer, we’ve come up with a list of tips to help you improve road safety.

Drunk Driving

Let’s address this common issue first. Yes, you may think you’re good to drive if you’re good to walk, but let us assure you that this, more than usually, isn’t the case. When you become inebriated, your motor skills drop and every action becomes a bit more difficult (depending on your level of intoxication). The difference between walking and driving is a fairly obvious, yet an often neglected one – you are in direct contact with your movement when walking, while driving requires using your movement, to provide movement for the vehicle. There is a reason why the law frowns upon drunk driving and you should never even think about partying and taking your car back home later.


Phones are a cause of a great deal of traffic accidents. Although talking on your phone using the hands-free perk is generally unadvised, imagine how big a distraction using one hand to talk can be. Furthermore, texting while driving is not only a mental distraction, but a physical one, at that, seeing as how you’re not even looking at the road for extended periods of time! Instead of using your phone while behind the wheel, turn the airplane mode on and enjoy a safe trip!

The Importance Of Road Safety

Look Ahead

When you’re sprinting, you’re probably not surpassing the number of 15mph. This is why your eyes are used to observing details in your way, such as bumps, holes in the ground and the like, no more than 20 meters ahead. When you’re driving, however, you need to make yourself aware of the fact that it will take you roughly 3 seconds to travel the 20 meters, so looking far ahead is a thing quite crucial.

Following Distance

It is amazing, how many people like to keep a no-more-than-2-meters of distance between their vehicle and the one in front of them. Have you ever found yourself traveling as a passenger, instinctively trying to apply non-existent brakes when your driver decides to constantly tend towards sticking their nose into the front vehicle’s rear? This is one of the main reasons pileups happen, especially when it’s raining or snowing. Furthermore, as driving schools Melbourne advise, letting inertia-brakes combo gradually slow your vehicle down can save you a lot of money when it comes to your brakes’ life.

The Importance Of Road Safety


Although you may consider seatbelts uncool, you’ll get to dig these precautionary measures, once you’ve experienced a car accident. Seatbelts literally save lives, even in minor crashes! It is the duty of the driver to order their passengers to buckle up! Even the backseat passengers are advised to use their seatbelts and, if you are a driver, you should probably remain aware of the fact that by not ordering those behind you to buckle up, you are endangering your own self the most!

Even if you are not taking part in traffic, you should always remain wary of your surroundings! Look away from that smartphone in your hands and keep your eyes peeled for potential threats, especially if you’re the one behind the wheel!