The advent of modern medicine caused a temporary lack of faith and interest in Ayurveda and Homeopathy, two streams of medicines which use natural elements to concoct medication for various ailments. Contrary to modern medicines, homeopathic and ayurvedicmedicines take longer to cure an ailment, and are backed by less research. Various side-effects and complications arising from the use of modern allopathic medicines have revived interest in these streams of alternative medicine. Research of the ingredients used have slowly, but irrevocably proved the wisdom of traditional medicine, which is making a place for itself in the prescription of modern doctors.

Ayurveda- maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Developed in India in the mid-second millennium BCE, ayurvedabelieves that a healthy body requires a balanced system. Ayurveda works with a preventing approach, prescribing diet, exercise. Yoga and meditation among other things, prescribe a holistic lasting cure for any ailment and ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Homeopathy- an effective cure

The brain-child of German doctor Samuel Hahnemann, Homeopathy includes vegetable, mineral and synthetic materials diluted in distilled water or alcohol as a cure for ailments. The aim of homeopathy is to fight ‘like with like’ introducing elements similar to the ailment, with the belief that they help boost the immune system to tackle the problem.


Although both streams of medication are similar in that they both rely on the use of natural elements as medicines, and believe in strengthening the inbuilt defence system of the body to promote health.


Homeopathy and Ayurveda differ in their basic approaches to ailments. While ayurveda depends on prevention to maintain good health,homeopathic Medicines focuses on the cure.

An extension of the same philosophy

Ayurveda is a much broader science and has a larger scope than homeopathy. In fact, homeopathy can be treated as one segment of the larger scope of Ayurveda.

Easy Access

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Health and Fitness Products Online

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Alternative medicine is fast emerging as an untapped and underutilized area in Healthcare. As research in the area reveals new benefits, and endorse the dependability of Ayurveda and homeopathy as dependable sciences, it is time to take advantage of the knowledge of our predecessors to improve the quality of our life.