If you want to keep a name or image exclusively for your business then should register it with the Trademark office. Popular trademarks of companies like Yahoo, Google and Microsoft cannot be used by anyone else as they are registered ones. If anyone tries to use it, then they have to pay penalty. Registering trademark is not a very difficult task. All you have to find a unique image, logo or name and register it.

You will be able to enjoy lot of benefits by registering a logo. First and foremost is the wide recognition you get from the customers. Whenever they see the logo they will remember your company. As customers are the assets of a company, a registered trademark allows in helping customers to identify you from the pool. Geographical coverage is another notable benefit you get from a registered trademark. Any where you go a registered trademark allows others you recognize your brand and its products or services. Your registered trademark gives you nationwide protection. No one is able to use it at any cost. You can legally deal with people who try to use your registered trademark.

Trademark Registration

For registration purpose you need a valid and unique trade name and a class number. There will be a trade mark application form. You have to fill the form. Then you have to submit a copy of pass port of the managing director of the company along with the application form. Other documents to be submitted include copy of business license, a good representation of the logo design, description and meaning of the logo, list of goods or services which will be entitled with the trademark and a copy of the of the foreign registration application(if any).

All the documents along with the trademark application have to be submitted with the UAE trademark office. They will issue a receipt with a date and filing number. The trademark office will check the authenticity of the trademark and notify about it to the concerned people. All this will take normally 4 to 6 months. After checking the trademark logo the office will issue an acceptance letter. After that the office will publish the logo in a trademark journal and local Arabic news papers. Those who have any objections on the usage of the logo can give a written petition within 30 days after the publication.

Renewal of trademark

Following documents are required for renewing a trademark.

A passport copy of the managing director and a copy of the business license. Then require a copy of the trademark registration certificate in Dubai. If you are foreign investor, then should have a notary certified power of attorney.

Transfer of trademark ownership

In order to transfer ownership you have to submit passport copy of authorised signatories, copy of business license of both the companies and a copy of the trademark registration certificate.

Those who are not able to approach trademark license authority can get assistance from a consultant.