The selection between an online and an in-country or onsite TESOL course throws applicants into confusion. To end this confusion, one should always keep in mind that accreditation and accessibility matter the most when you opt for a TESOLCertificate Program in a particular institution. Even if a course or degree is accredited, it will not bring you much benefit if accessibility is the issue. On the other hand, if the courseware of a TESOL Certificate Program is accessible but is not accredited, then it is obviously a thumbs-down by the professionals.

For one who is planning to pursue TESOL Certificate Program from the comfort of home and that toofrom an accredited institution, TESOL Certification online makes a smart choice. Let’s check out the pros of pursing a TESOL Certificate Program online.

There are a myriad of reasons as to why students opt for an online TESOL certificate program, some of them are listed below.

Flexibility and Accessibility

A functional internet connectivity and a smoothly running laptop are all you need to pursue TESOL Certification online. On top of that, online program allows you to fit class timing into your jam-packed schedule. One of the best benefits of the online program is that students can attend class and access course anytime and from anywhere.

In addition, attending virtual classes in a convenient location lead to less interruption during the learning process. This obviously gives way to an effective learning method and helps an independent learner grow his/her skills as an English teacher.

Overall Cost

Institutions need not provide you with anything that is expensive when you opt for an online TESOL program, but the video tutorials, technical support, full tutor support, free access to lesson plans and supplementary material. The overall cost of the course automatically reduces and hence it becomes a great choice for those who already have a teaching experience and thus look for a cost effective option.

Suitable For Job Hunting

Some of the renowned institutions recognize that job hunt is not that easy for one who participates in online TESOL certification. As an outcome, they make the most of their connections and resources to assist candidates in finding a good job. After you have successfully completed the online certificate program and are planning to move to a foreign country to give a kick-start to your career, the contacts and guidance provided by your institution can be of great help. You should definitely check out the reviews of former teacher to be assured and feel good about the job placement offered by your institution.

Best For Theoretical Instructions

Logically, TESOL Certification online proves to be heavier and a lot better on theoretical instructions. And, this is for the simple reason that both learner and instructor have fairly limited time and thus rely more on theory than live interactions. Though it is very important and beneficial for a participant to get classroom as well as observation time, the theory can be of great help to newer teachers who have little or no experience to manage classrooms and create lesson plans. Why Should You Choose TESOL Course Online