Toyota has many fine vehicles to choose from and one of these happens to be the Toyota Yaris. One of the greatest features about this particular vehicle is that it is aN entry level vehicle that is inexpensive. The latest version of the Toyota Yaris comes with many improved features. This vehicle as well as all the other Toyota vehicles has a great reputation for low maintenance costs and being reliable in the long term. The Toyota Yaris is a practical vehicle that makes transportation economical. Be sure to check out the great selection of Toyota vehicles at Toyota Los Gatos.

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Although there is no sedan version you will have a choice between either a two or four door hatchback. If you like the sporty look then you are going to want the four door that comes with the SE trim. The impressive features of the power door locks, and air conditioning along with the four-way adjustable front seats make this a most pleasurable vehicle to own as well as drive.

The LE version will give you the power windows and the remote keyless entry as well as a driver seat that is a six way adjustable. There is plenty of power under the hood of the Toyota Yaris with it being a 1.5 L four cylinder engine comprised of 106 hp as well as 103 pounds of torque.

Many find that this four-speed automatic vehicle leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to a compact and affordable vehicle. One of the best features the vehicle offers is its smooth gear changing as it makes the most of the power that it possesses. Merging into fast moving traffic or handling of city traffic is not a problem for this Toyota Yaris. The SC version certainly has a sports feel and look to it and offers a good ride. Be sure to check out