The 2016 Dodge Durango has gone through some great re-designing. These are the changes that have happened in both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. It will have a more refined look to it as well as being a sophisticated vehicle, yet still ideal for the family needs. Take a look at what great Dodge vehicles offers.

It all starts with the weight reduction as a result of using more lightweight materials which help to improve not merely the performance of the vehicle but helps with the fuel economy. The car is sleek looking having its aerodynamic looks, yet the areas of the hood, the headlights, and the front grill are basically the same, but have had some minor re-designing to them. The leading grill automatically depicts power and the headlights have been improved with the use of LED technology.

Dodge has were able to create an ample amount of cargo space although it is not jeopardizing enhanced comfort of the cabin space which can be important to the large family. This vehicle has three rows of seats and has the capacity to seat approximately seven passengers comfortably. The dashboard has been re-designed which provides a greater convenience for the driver. Depicts elegance and could easily be classed as being the luxury vehicle, although this is an automobile that is not merely built for convenience and performance for the family. It can be built with the most recent technology that Dodge is renowned for. It has an 8 inch touchscreen display and features a variety of trim levels.

For the family that wants a vehicle that is going to be designed for longevity and be able to withstand all of that a family can put it through, then there is no doubt that the 2016 Dodge Durango is going to be a good family choice of vehicle. Featuring its great fuel economy the system functions well being a vehicle for travelling to work, while still filling in and having the capability to meet the family requirements, which frequently includes transporting the kids and all of their equipment to many different sports activities. Look at what has to offer.