It is natural to lose hair at some point or the other. The reason could be anything. The genre of people is very rare to find who keep same thickness of hair from the age of 15- 50. No wonder the way we keep our hair gives the confidence and we do feel attractive. Many of you try and find out ways of how to avoid weight loss and maintain the hair that you already have.

Since we must look after ourselves, ourselves only, so before we initiate to visit the World Wide Web or go to an expert to take advice from, you must do soliloquy. Ask yourself and your body that what is it that is causing hair loss? What help can help in the reduction of hair fall? On the same path try and buy best supplements for hair to prevent loss.

What is the main reason behind hair loss?

Genes and hormones lead to hair or no hair. Other factors could be health or medical issues like:-

  • Chemo therapy for people having cancer leads to hair loss
  • Thyroid patients face hair loss problem
  • Consumption of steroids leads to hair loss
  • Pregnant and lactating women lose hair
  • Stress and sleeplessness
  • Malnutrition

Other factors:-

  • Excessive coloring
  • Artificial straightening or perming
  • Tying a tight pony tail
  • Making heavy braids
  • Enhancers added for adding beauty to hair

The root cause

As we age the hormone levels change. The body metabolism changes completely. Amongst women the loss of estrogen leads to increase in testosterone levels. This leads to hair loss too. Be it the levels of testosterone or reduced levels of estrogen any sort of loss of hair is sad and not welcomed.


If the reason behind hair loss is your health then a visit to the doctor is a must. Take proper treatment and get cured from the root. Once you keep your organs fine, this may lead to fine hair growth.

Constant torture to your hair may spoil them forever.

Eat right to have right

Just as the saying says that a healthy woman gives birth to a healthy child, in the same way a healthy body results in healthy skin, nail, and hair. While seeking the correct connection always remember that hair is originally proteins. It grows through follicles. Yes to an extent food items like walnut and poultry products do benefit and aerated drinks do not benefit at all for hair growth.

On the lines of protein factor, a reduced level of protein in your body may lead loss of hair. Make sure enough proteins are consumed by you. Just the way anorexia may leave your body malnutrition on the same lines reduced levels of proteins will lead to bad hair.


Usually the supplements that claim on curing matters related to hair fall are all animal tested and may give different results on humans.

Regarding the vitamins, if you are not really deficient on vitamins levels no real combination of supplements may really work on you. And if you have deficiency of certain vitamins get it cured and consumes medicine in that direction.

Loss of anything precious may make you feel anxious. A problem well understood by the sufferer lead to better solutions and proper care.