Congratulations!!You are moving to Paradise. If you are planning to quit your soul-sucking job and pack up all your belongings to move to your ‘happily ever after’ place in flip flops, this article is for you. Here’s what Hawaii promises you.

The beaches:With a chain of six breath-taking islands, Hawaii is a land right out of a fairy tale. Destinations like Pojpu Beach, Kauai, Oahu and Maui, and Haleakala National Park, to name a few, bring in visitors from all over the globe.

The Community: people of the Hawaiian state are typically very welcoming. So when you move to Hawaii and are on your own, don’t worry. The locals will become your family and be the closest too. Because their social sense of family is finer, you will soon become their ohana (family).

Spam, Malasadas, and Shaved Ice: If you are a foodie, it won’t take long for you to fall in love with all three of these and more. Spam has ever been the favorite food of theHawaiian people. They like to eat it with everything and anything available. And few things can compete with their delicious sugar-coated Malasadas and shaved ice, always leaving you wanting for more.

Now down to some serious business; there are things you need to consider before moving to Hawaii.

The most important of all, how are you planning to ship your household items? Are you going to have to ship a car to Hawaii with you? There are a few options available which we shall discuss here:

Sell or donate:  The first option where you either sell or donate most of your household items and carry only that is of most notable. That way, you will save yourself the cost of extra baggage and shipping.

Ocean Transport: Next up you have the option of ocean transport, which is one of the most cost-effective and cheap way of shipping a large inventory. There are three ways you can do this, depending on the nature of the items and the quantity you want to ship. You can book a shipment directly, hire full-service moving companies, or resort to freight forwarders.

LCL (less than a container load): If your household items are less than a container’s load, there’s no point in paying for all that empty wasted space. With this option, you can either pack up all your stuff and use a shipping cube service, or hire freight forwarder companies- they offer discounted rates.

Moving Companies: There are two primary kinds of moving services that help you relocate. Full-service moving companies take total care of all your stuff including your oversized possessions such as vehicles, furniture etc. On the other hand, Partial service moving companies only help you load and unload your shipments.

Mail services or Air Support: Lastly, if you have decided to leave it all behind and carry only a few items of importance, Air support mail services work best. They are a fast and reliable way of shipping and can ship your items in a week max.

Remember, the moving process is never easy, especially when you are considering moving to Hawaii – the move to Paradise involves land, ocean, and air support.