One of the most compelling arguments over the legalisation of some drugs is that they will be easier to monitor and manage. It is clear that drugs can have a negative impact on many people but some of the biggest problems surrounding drugs in the UK are related to the ways that the money raised by the sale of drugs are put to use. There are plenty of serious criminals and gangs operating in the environment of drugs and some arguments are made that making drugs legal would remove a lot of the funding that these people rely on.

Yes, there is a counter-argument that these people would merely move on to other matters but if there was legislation over certain types of drug abuse, the situation could be made safer for users and for many people in a local community. It is difficult to see a situation in the United Kingdom where there is a large overhaul in the availability of most drugs but it is a debate that will keep coming to the fore.

There is a Great Level of Debate Regarding Legal Highs

The ideas raised in these debates also have a part to play with respect to legal highs. While the name suggests that legal highs are perfectly okay for people, there is a growing concern about the health impact that these drugs can have on some people. This means that there is a growing desire to make these highs illegal, making it harder for people to gain access to them. If this move was undertaken, it would be done with the best of intentions of keeping people safe and preventing them from being exposed to the danger and difficulties that exist around legal highs.

However, there are concerns that if legal highs are made illegal, the trade and demand for them will not diminish, and people will continue to look to buy them. This can create an illegal trade in illegal highs, which brings us back to the sellers and dealers who may have ulterior motives for selling these products and commodities.

Stores in Newcastle have been hit with a Community Protection Notice because they were selling legal highs. This included a letter from the local council authority informing them that they were to stop selling these products. One store owner, the manager of iDeaLA in the Newgate Shopping Centre says that this order has come about due to the irresponsible behaviour of other sellers. Currently, legal highs can be bought in many places, including petrol stations and newsagents, and this can impact on the way that sales are made, and even who is buying these products.

It is difficult to Sell these Products in a Reliable Manner

One thing that the owner of the store says about his store is that he only serves legal highs to people who can prove that they have a fixed address. This is one way to ensure that there is some level of control over the buying and selling of these products but in the end, this isn’t going to provide a considerable amount of protection for the majority of people.

While this store owner claims that he shows a level of responsibility by keeping a full list of sales and buyers, comments from the Chief Executive of Changing lives, Mike Bell, suggest that some groups don’t believe that there is a safe way to sell these products in a responsible manner. There is no getting away from the fact that the chemical mix of these products can potentially be dangerous and this is why many people claim that there needs to be a halt to their sales before too long.

The difference in opinion regarding legal highs means that this is a debate that will rumble on for a considerable period of time, but there is no getting away from the fact that legal highs can cause a lot of problems for people. Anyone who is experiencing issues with the police regarding legal highs needs to call on the services of an experienced and qualified solicitor. The support of an expert defence solicitor can make all the difference when it comes to being properly represented, and this is why there is a great deal to be said for calling on the best possible support when it comes to legal highs.

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