A conservatory could be a terrific option if you need an extra room or you need to extend an existing room. Besides giving you an additional indoor/outdoor space, it will also improve your home design. A conservatory always looks good no matter what you’re using it for. Usually people love to have conservatories because they can have an indoor space with an outdoor ‘feel’. They can enjoy the sunshine while having lunch or breakfast, and they can keep their plants without worrying too much about the weather.

There are many things to consider when you want to have a conservatory at home, like the function, the amount of available space you have and how you want to link it to the house. For example if you want to extend your kitchen so you can have a bigger kitchen with a set of dining table, then a single door access to link the conservatory won’t be sufficient. You also need to think about the materials and adjust them with your budget.

Another very important element to think about is obviously the design. A conservatory is not like a patio or types of house extension structures, it has different styles that each only suitable for certain type of home design. So it’s important for you to consider the period of your house if you want to build a conservatory, because if you choose the wrong conservatory style it will look awkward.

There are two basic conservatory styles that you can choose from:

1. Traditional Conservatory

If you have a home with a classic style, then a traditional conservatory will be your best option. There are a few different kinds of traditional conservatories, they are known as the Victorian style, Edwardian style, and Lean-to conservatory style. They all offer classic styles that actually haven’t changed much since a few hundred years ago, but still very popular nowadays.

Alternatively you can choose an orangery style, which was originally designed for cultivating orange trees. Orangeries usually have solid walls inset with glazed panels, there are also other models with a glazed roof and full length doors. Usually when you take a trip to a botanical garden you can see some samples of traditional conservatories.

2. Modern Conservatory

Modern conservatories are usually bespoke, that’s why they tend to be more expensive than traditional conservatories. However, you can always adjust the design and materials with your budget so you don’t have to spend too much or go over the budget for your conservatory. The good thing is you can match the design with your needs.

Whether you decide to choose a traditional or modern conservatory, you will likely spend a substantial amount of money for it. Even if you go with a DIY conservatory, which is probably inexpensive at the beginning, but when the installation begins you will find out that the labor costs are also not cheap. So it can be considered as a valuable investment that requires careful planning if you don’t want to waste your money.

This article was written by Bernard Maton with the help of Craymanor – visit Craymanor period conservatories, UK