We have all seen movies where vampires go out at night and feed on people, or sparkle in the daylight but that is another issue altogether. We also know that most of that is pure fiction based on superstitious beliefs held by people who knew little about nature and living beings.

However, the truth can always be more surprising than fiction and nature has a way of showing us creatures far more dangerous, or in this case annoying, than anything seen on movies.

Always Look Under Your Bed

When you think about what creatures may be out for your blood, you may immediately think about mosquitoes. Annoying little pests that keep buzzing around your ear during the summer and don’t let your sleep. In the winter however, there is little excuse for them to be around. Yet bites still remain.

In that case, most people think nothing about it or even consider that they may have ticks or even fleas running around. And instead of making a proper inspection or hiring someone to do bed bug removal in Mesa or at least inspect the place, they try conventional means against fleas and ticks.

Problem is, most times bed bugs are annoyed by that at best. They have adapted to our way of life and although they have been almost extinct from nearly every house for a few decades, they seem to be making a come back.

And Remember, they Bite

A few decades back, people and the government were spraying pesticides that affected bed bugs as well as other pests. However, other the years, there seemed to be little need to combat bed bugs and pesticides became more specialized and effective against the rest of the bugs that annoy us. That gave them the freedom to start spreading again.

Since most people today have never seen a bed bug, nor do they know how their bite marks look like, it is easy for them to think that it was just mosquitoes. And depending on your immune system, the bite marks may look like a rush or there maybe be nothing there, at least during the first few weeks of feeding on you.

Another thing is that people tend to believe that if you maintain a clean household, you should have no problem with them. But unfortunately, just like mosquitoes, they make no discrimination. If there is a warm blooded creature living there, preferably humans since they are the most predictable, they will try to get there.

That is why you should make thorough inspections in your house once you start seeing bite marks on your skin that you can’t explain. Doing a little search online and you will see how bite marks from each pest look like, and you should be able to tell if your house is infested or not.

Once you know you have bugs, it is best to hire bed bug removal in Phoenix to do the extermination for you. You can still try to do it on your own, but you should be prepared and without the proper equipment, it could take you months before you even begin to feel sure you got all of them. And should only a couple of them survive, they could have an entire army ready again in just a few weeks or months.

All in all, this is a problem that a lot of household have never faced before. And being aware of the issue and knowing for a fact that it can happen, can save you a lot of trouble. Not to mention that if all people, or at least most people, know about it, we can stop it from spreading once again.