Consumers could have a question on the type of coverage they should choose, when it comes to determining the right type of car insurance. It is important for them to learn about details of car insurance policy, so they are able to make proper purchasing decisions. Finding proper answer to remaining questions about car insurance should be easy if we know all the details.

  • Can we drive without an insurance policy? Yes and no. Not all countries require motorists to have liability insurance, but some could require it. Car insurance should include a liability coverage that protects people and properties against accidents, especially if we are not at fault.
  • What is the minimum coverage? Minimum coverage should vary by state. In this case, we need to be covered against liability for property damage and bodily injuries. In some cases, it isn’t enough to purchase barebones insurance policy, because we could end up receiving inadequate coverage. It is recommended that we receive at least $100,000 per person harmed during the accident and $300,000 liability coverage.
  • What should we do if we don’t qualify for car insurance? In some cases, we could be turned down due to our driving records. Fortunately, there are options that we can consider, such as re-examining the policy to make sure that we get the best coverage. It should be noted that insurers will try to apply the highest amount of premiums for the coverage that we request. High-risks individuals could include those who drive high-performance, live in crime-ridden areas and have a string of car accident cases. If we are included in high-risk category, negotiate with the car insurance provider to know how we could achieve lower premium.
  • What are things that could cancel our insurance policy? There are reasons why insurance providers decide to cancel our policy. The most common causes are because we defraud the company, fail to pay premiums or have our driver’s license revoked or suspended. In this case, cancellation of car insurance policy could make it more difficult for us to seek future insurance. In some cases, our only option could be more expensive premiums, because we have been considered as high-risk individuals.
  • What if our car insurance isn’t satisfactory enough? When it comes to managing our car insurance policy, we have rights that we can apply. We should let our agent know if we are not satisfied with the policy. See if the company has a reliable consumer complaint channel if our complaints still go unchecked. In some cases, our issues remain unsolved and in this situation, it is a good idea to contact the local department of insurance. These people should offer us assistance with resources and advices on how to take our complaints further to the next level. In some cases, we could be advised to find new insurers who agree to listen to our requests and complaints better. Often, we need to threaten insurers a little to get their attention.