Ideal Spring, Summer Upgrades & Investments For New Farms

As the growing season ramps up and the farms shift into gear for the year ahead, there are dozens of upgrades that the owners might wish and dream about. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to invest in, complete, and test out new upgrades, before the weather begins to get cool again. Even the most inexpensive, budget friendly upgrades can make a very positive impact on the farm’s productivity.

Building Raised Perennial Beds

Raised perennial beds are great investments; they provide food year after year, while offering a garden space that is easy to reach and maintain. Raised beds do not encounter the same weed problems that standard garden plots do, making them far less likely to be taken over by invasive weed species. Asparagus, blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb, and raspberries are excellent perennial food plants to plant in raised beds.

Upgrading Gates & Drives

With standard gates, it can be rather annoying to get in and out of a vehicle in order to open a gate every time one needs to leave or return. Automatic ranch gates solve this problem, and they make deliveries much easier. Whether the farm is receiving or shipping out livestock, feed, hay, farm products, produce, or machinery, these gates don’t require manual operation. Drives tend to need a bit of an investment as well; drives that are not paved or graveled well can be prone to potholes, wash outs, and mud. Getting stuck in the mud can put a halt on farm operations very quickly.

Green Houses & Cold Frames

Green houses and cold frames are capable of performing the same job: extending the growing season to produce more fruit and vegetables. Cold frames are far smaller, inexpensive, and lower to the ground. They are perfect for small, family-sized growing beds or for starting seedlings. Green houses tend to be quite large, capable of housing tens of thousands of seedlings and even large garden beds for growing larger plants.

Farms are constantly evolving, and are always in need of new upgrades and improvements to older tools, livestock, and infrastructure. As the available budget grows, the farm can continue to expand and achieve new goals.