Top 8 Best Nail Polish Colors For A French Manicure

In the era of modernization and technology you will find a number of multiple types and shades of nail paint. But the same becomes a bit difficult when you are searching for that particular nail color that you can pull off with your french manicures. In order to ease this a bit for you, here are few nail paint shades you can try in case you are looking for that perfect nail paint shade for an opi french manicure.

Creamy Puff by CND Shellac

When it comes to opi french manicure the choice of colour must be of something in the middle. The cream puff by CND shellac is absolute fit for the opi french manicures as they are middle color, neither too bright nor too dull.

Heaven Sent by Gelish

The formal name of heaven sent is snow bunny and is a sheer white shade which looks absolutely amazing on manicures. You need not have extremely long nail to carry this shade, even moderately long nails can even pull it off in a good way.

Only Natural by Kiara Sky

This particular shade of nail polish comes in a set of two one of which is a gel lacquer which matches a general regular nail polish color which is a slightly tan shade of mild pink. This nail paint shade is the best when you apply two to three coats at a single time.

Negligee by CND Shellac

This shade from CND shellac is a bit out of the regular and a bit of different shade than the regular ones. It is a pink nude shade with a translucent texture and is light enough that you can wear it in office and is vibrant enough to be pulled off in a party.

Studio White by CND Shellac

Studio white is the ultimate white nail colour that suits almost avery complexion and is the best to be used for an opi french manicure. If you are looking for qa completely natural and bold look then this one is perfect for you.

Simple Sheer by Gelish

Simple sheer isn’t much of a colour but is more of the shine. It is a translucent nail paint with a tint of pink shade. It is the base color for french manicure that most of the beauticians prefer using for their different clients.

Pink Ribbon by LeChat

Unlike most of the nail polishes in our list, this one isn’t a sheer one but is an opaque nail polish which serves equally good as a bas nail paint for opi french manicures as the sheer nail paints do. It is a creme formula and is creamy in appearance too.

Clearly Pink by CND Shellac

This shade is the favourite shade for all the french manicure lovers. It is the sheer nail polish but has its own glow and and shine when it comes to french manicure. This is one of the rarest natural shades of nail polish.

These are few of the nail paint shades that go the best as a base for the french manicures. Using any of these shades mentioned above is a good option as each of them are absolutely flawless in appearance.