How To Manage Your Spending On Gambling: 5 Useful Android Apps


Gambling is a multibillion-dollar industry that derives its growth since the ancient times. However, minuscule to its business importance, gambling is associated with addiction. This practice leads to not only deterioration of mental health of the gamblers, but also, there are adverse implications when not carried out with caution. Therefore, this article addresses how to manage your spending on gambling.

In your budget, include gambling

A wise spender is an acute budgeter. Gambling can be a source of income, but risks associated with it regarding losing your hard-earned salary are high. According to Laurie Campbell, the CEO Credit Canada, gambling budget can help you to control your expenditures in practice. When you control your gambling budget, the discipline is extended to the propensity to spend and thus you control your finances. A disciplined gambler may allocate the amount to spend on gambling. Nonetheless, it needs to come among the last in the priority for personal budgeting vote heads.

Put a limit on your gambling “thirst”

Gambling is a habitual addiction. In search situations, even after one makes the budget to help in controlling spending, limiting your gambling habits and the thrust to do so is key. There are related habits that exacerbate the potency of gambling. For instance, just like drunk-driving increases vulnerability to road accidents, drinking while gambling will increase your chances of spending more on gambling. More often, you will find that casinos and sleek drinking go hand in hand. Keep a sober and a cool head while betting will restrain draining your hard-earned money down the machine slot.

Confine your bankcards and mobile money while at the casino

Gambling as an activity, you choose to do it at leisure time. Nevertheless, unlike dinner or watching a movie, gambling is a risky kind of entertainment. The study shows that like drunkards, many gamblers tend to spend more when they have access to the money in the bank. This is possible when you walk with your bankcard or have mobile money services Apps on your phone. As a rule of thumb, when you leave the bank cards home and carry fixed cash to the gambling arenas. When the cash your disposal is depleted, you won’t be tempted to withdraw the money. Nevertheless, do not develop the bad habit of soliciting for loans’ from friends to repay when you get home.

Become a “Gam-preneur”

Deally, take gambling as a business venture. Have a separate bank account where proceeds from the activity go. Visit only authoritative websites like to gamble.

With the understanding that it is a risky enterprise, train yourself to win and save as much as you can. In the article titled Money Saving Makes you Sexier”, Renzulli explains that the habit of saving tends to minimize the habit of careless and uncontrolled spending. Therefore, with a gambling banking account, you can get used to seeing your “business grow” while minimizing eventual losses.

Seek help from a counsellor

Persistence of gambling habits is depressing and can lead to personal and domestic issues especially when money meant for more important matters is spent on gambling. At a point where your gambling spree is uncontrollable, you may choose to seek help from a qualified counsellor.


In conclusion, the above-highlighted ways are critical in managing your spending on gambling. Their viability is dependent, however, on personal decision to involve in responsible gaming.

Author of this article is professional gamer Patrick Roth. Patrick is from Berlin, but he likes to travel around the world and visit different casinos. He is also a gaming blogger and guest writer.