Wood Or Laminate? What You Need To Know For Your Home

Over the past few months, my family has been settling into our new home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Like many other new homeowners, constructing my dream home was a high priority. While making many decisions for our home was quite simple, one particular choice gave us a difficult time, which was installing a floor. I have always been a lover of wood floors in a home because of the natural beauty it can add to any room. However, what soon transpired would be one of my first big challenges as a homeowner. I had to pick between hardwood floors and laminate flooring, and this required much research and careful attention to detail. I would like to share aspects of each type that will help you be informed about the best choice for your own home.

What is the Difference Anyway?

Although the two floors may appear the same, differences among them exist.

Hardwood flooring is actually made from durable wood, such as oak or maple. Laminate flooring is constructed from various materials to imitate the appearance of real wood but uses artificial alternatives instead. It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between laminate flooring and wood flooring, but laminate flooring is generally considered a cheaper option for homeowners who want to have a “wood-like” floor. Many homeowners decide to purchase wood flooring or laminate flooring because of the beautiful look and the ease of cleaning.

Hardwood Floors vs Laminate Flooring


From an aesthetic viewpoint, it would be hard to give an edge to either type of floor. I found that wood and laminate flooring can appear identical. However, when viewed more closely, a repetitive pattern in the laminate flooring can sometimes be noticed.


Knowing how much I was going to spend on my floors was a big impact on my decision. As expected, wood is more expensive per square foot, and also more expensive to install. If you are on a budget, the laminate would be the better choice.


The texture of both floor types make them relatively easy to clean, as compared to carpet. A vacuum and mop will complete the job thoroughly, but only identified cleaners can be used on a hardwood floor. It can also be difficult to prevent scratches on the hardwood as well. Laminate floors tend to not be as durable and will last less longer than wood.


When I moved into my home in Tulsa, I knew that I would be staying for a while, so this helped me make a decision. If you are planning to sell your home, then hardwood floors might boost your listing price.

How to Choose

When you find it difficult to choose between wood flooring and laminate flooring, I would remember a simple tip. Laminate flooring will cost you less initially, but the lifespan will be far much less than wood. Wood flooring will have more upfront costs and can last much longer. Deciding on the best floor for your home comes down to preference and budget.

Christopher is an author and blogger who is passionate about home improvements projects. Making time to help family and friends while working with Brücke Flooring.