5 Reasons Why Health Insurance Is Important

It has been said, Health is Wealth. No one wants or plan to get hurt or sick, but people need some medical care at some point of life. Having a good health insurance plan provides financial security and protection against ongoing large medical bills and helps pay for those unexpected medical expenses. Investment in a well health insurance plan is like investing for the wellness and protection of you and yours family health and depending upon the health insurance plan opted for.

Here are some lesser known benefits of having a health insurance plan :

Advantages of Beginning Early

It is always advised to have health insurance plan early because you never know when an emergency situation will hit. On a more technical side, your savings get time to multiply and grow. Early plan health insurance Cabot ensures the health cover offered is comprehensive till retirement. This protects the life during employment period along with after retirement life.

Restore Benefit

Also known as recovery benefit or convalescence benefit, restore benefit refers to throwing out a lump sum to the post insured hospitalization. The condition is that the insured person was admitted or hospitalised for a period of 8 to 10 days  or more. This restore benefit is given to the insured person to take care of his or her household expenses till he or she gets back to the normal condition. You can also opt for or  pick  restore benefit or Convalescence benefit in your health insurance plan.

Provides Financial Security

The cost of medical services are very high and increasing rapidly. Once, a person is hospitalised there are various expenses, which a person has to pay. These expenses involve not only prescribed expensive drugs and medicines, doctor’s fee but also other charges for diagnostics test and sometimes even a re-examination fee. Your Health Insurance Plan settle

s them on your behalf.

Covers Pre-existing Diseases

Pre-existing diseases and ailments are signs or symptoms, any past or existing health condition which exist at the time when you apply for mediclaim Policy.

When you apply for a Health Insurance Plan, please make sure that the detailed medical history of the family is provided to the insurance company.


There are several turning points that can come in our  life such as winning a lottery, being promoted , or if you are lucky getting a property from one of your rich relatives. Well, in cases like these you will be in a position to afford a wider health coverage plan. That is where top-ups will help you. A top up plan on your current health insurance premium allows you to strengthen your health insurance coverage.  Selecting a top up health insurance plan rather than buying a new one helps you to save money.

Provides Allied Benefits

Many Health care system has developed with improved diagnostics and preventive health check ups. Some  progressive Health insurance companies provides benefits that are normally not incorporated  with health insurance policies.Some such benefits are:

  • Free health check-ups
  • Health insurance for senior citizens
  • Discount coupons on healthcare services
  • Free consultations

Increasing healthcare costs can make a big hole in your pocket. Paying a small Health Insurance Plan is the simplest way to achieve peace of mind or reduce the financial losses.