Upgrade To CSGO Prime Rank: Buy CSGO Prime Account Today!

The concept of CSGO ranked matches was fairly new when it was introduced back in 2012. It was one of the major reasons behind the hype of CSGO and why many players signed up for the competitive bonanza. Ranks in CSGO, even after the arms deal update of 2013, remain to be one of the most important components of CSGO. CSGO players, after being assigned a specific rank for their gameplay, continue playing ranked matches every day, in hopes of achieving a rank higher than the one they are currently at. These days however, you can see players opting to buy CSGO prime account among others and then proceeding to play. This is due to the existence of hackers in the community, with almost 5 to 6 out of 10 games being ruined on an average. Joining a match with a hacker on the opponent side means that there’s no chance of winning. By losing multiple matches in ranked due to hackers, you can lose your current rank and end up getting deranked.

The reason why many in the community buy cheap CSGO prime accounts, and something even you should do is because prime matchmaking is a much simpler and efficient way for players to avoid hackers. Linked to your personal number, having a prime account will allow you to join a pool of rank players who have verified accounts like yours. As a result, if you want to play ranked matches, you can go for prime matchmaking and have a cleaner, refined match lobby. Any player who gets in the prime pool will probably never hack because their account would probably be banned, causing them to lose their prime account for a long time.

Why should you Upgrade to or Buy CSGO Prime Account for your Matches Online?

  • If you’re a veteran or an old player in CSGO, then you’d know how hackers have troubled and almost ruined the experience for today’s gaming community. Due to this reason, lots have resorted to playing CSGO unranked, games on SoStronk or FaceIT, or given up playing altogether. By buying cheap CSGO prime accounts, you can go around this issue and start playing very soon.
  • There are times when a CSGO player might get banned unintentionally or due to some file in their PC conflicting with the VAC anti-cheat solution Valve has placed for CSGO. Once banned, you cannot rejoin prime matchmaking because you don’t have a spare mobile number to link with your account. To this end, you can buy CSGO prime account and get back into the game, play prime matches once more.
  • Similarly, it is quite important to have a prime account in CSGO because being verified in every player’s eyes is a lot better than being doubted or to be questioned. With a prime account, you would be able to play in prime matchmaking, among other players who are verified just like you, and run into far less hackers and trolls than before.

Therefore, these are some reasons why you should go for CSGO prime accounts. The benefits are too good to miss and you’d surely like the cleaner experience in CSGO for a change.

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