Experts Tips To Prevent Cracks In Your Brick Wall

Brick is one of the most essential and widely used materials in the housing and construction industry. But, the unacceptable stress in various parts of your foundation causes the cracks in the brick wall of your building. Irregular changes in moisture or temperature, elastic deformation, moisture movement, a growth of vegetation around the building or the chemical action of the building or construction materials can create damage on building materials and the brick wall is no exception in this case.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to prevent cracks in your brick wall. Here is a list of some expert tips to help you:

Experts Tips To Prevent Cracks In Your Brick Wall


It’s very important to choose quality brick wall repair for your foundation, and if your contractor is providing the bricks to you, you should thoroughly ask about the brick supplier. There are several steps in the process of brick manufacturing, that if not handled properly, the brick walls may lead to cracks. If the bricks are dried slowly or heated quickly, cracks may appear in the wall. Likewise, if the materials are not mixed thoroughly, a few parts of the brick may be drier than others and leads to visible cracks.


Bricks generally tend to expand in size the first few days after you start using them due to the absorption of water and moisture. This expansion can cause cracks if you are not prepared. Ask your contractor and get assured that they will add expansion joints to the bricks. The expansion joints have small openings which can reduce the cracking of bricks due to changes in moisture, temperature, settlement or creep, either vertically and horizontally.


Plant roots can also greatly affect the foundation of brick. Ensure not to plant any large trees around the foundation or building, and if there are existing trees which threaten the foundation, get in touch with a tree specialist who can guide you on the same. A tree specialist can help you set up a barrier or trim the root system accordingly.


As excess water and storm may lead to cracks in bricks, make sure that stormwater does not affect the foundation of your home, and thereby control, the runoff. Getting in touch with a professional will help you ward off further problems.


If you notice any kinds of cracks in the walls of the foundation, and you don’t treat it, it’s quite possible that the crack is going to get worse and the water will get accumulate inside the walls.

Remember that one crack can lead to multiple, and the cracks are not going to improve on their own. So it’s better to repair all the brick cracks as soon as you notice them, to avoid further damage. If you see foundation cracking, then it needs immediate expert help.

If you want to hire a brick crack repair service in Chicago, you can easily find an experienced and a competent professional to help you with this job.