Take Our Musicals Scavenger Hunt

You have to know what a treasure hunt is exactly.Well it is a game in getting clues to solve a mystery or a puzzle of some kind. The clues might lead you to a new spot or somewhere closer to the end. You can use social media, for the clues and get them out there to as many people as possible.

Being able to reach as many people as you can is very important. Make your clues fun and exciting. Make your clues challenging and modern. Making your clues have a musical or rhyming sound to them could greatly help in keeping them catchy and easy to remember.

All these things will help you get the best results out there. One popular hunt you may know of is geocaching. It is well known and very popular among adolescents and adults alike. It is an outdoor treasure hunt that uses clues and GPS to find geocaching containers at hiding locations. Another one that you may have heard about is Ingress. Which is installed on your phone and is driven by a story. It also uses GPS and the real world so it gets people out of the house to play. Between the two hunts they have gained over 23 million users.

Number two: You must have a creative idea and story line to start a hunt. You must be able to have various ways to get your clues out there. M&Ms had a complete storyline and used advance media to get their clues out to the public.

Number three: You must have significant rewards to keep people want to figure out clues and advance in the hunt. You must keep the excitement going and having great rewards in one very good way to do that. Use social media to keep your players involved and excited. You could announce the prizes they find online to keep them very intrigued and engaged to keep finding more.

Number four: By using advanced media you take it one step further. By using OJOO you can do this and make your own Scavenger hunt with five easy steps. They have a very easy to understand website. You can have your very own hunt up and interacting people right away.

In five easy steps.

First step: is choose the Treasure Hunt option and start creating your masterpiece. Step two: add your first location where you would like to start.

Step three: Add your reward, you can add up to four hints the hints will give in a random moment of the hunt. Make sure they are exciting and something people want want to keep searching for.
Step four chooses the awesome look you would like for your hunt. Something exciting and colorful. Something that catches your eye, or makes you want to check it out.

Step five upload your awesome creation. Check out what you have created its going to be epic. This is going to be a great time and also advertise any product or idea you would like.
You can use this site to also make indoor hunts. Enjoy