Get To Know More About Maspalomas, Spain

Maspalomas happens to be one of the significant tourist spots located in the Gran Canaria region of Spain. The place is quite famous as a tourist destination for more than 150 years. You have several types of interesting things such as its amazing beaches, hotels, apartments, dunes, and offers incredible facilities such as bars, restaurants, shopping centers, taverns, souvenirs, etc to its visitors. The Maspalomas town lies on an island and has several golden beaches and lavish resorts and has all the modern facilities for an enjoyable and convenient stay for modern time’s holidaymaker. Check out more at villas for sale maspalomas

The Masplaomas town is known for its amazing golf course and it is a paradise for the golf enthusiasts and has one of the best golf courses in the World and has hosted several esteemed International golfing events. This is in existence since 1968 and is located in the Masplomas resort. The palm trees on all side borders of the old course along with the famous sand dunes of Maspaloma lining the periphery of the course adds an exclusive ambience to the golf course.

You will find a lighthouse which is at the southern point of the beach from where the 12 km long beach road with golden sand and dunes lead to the Playa Del Ingles. Though there are several different places of interest in and around Maspalomas. The Holiday Parks is one of the most crucial places for tourists and they get to enjoy many facilities too. This is located 3km inland from the Faro lighthouse and is well linked by several global bus routes. It is a very famous leisure center with different facilities such as a large fun fair, wellness center, the Punto Zero Bowling Alley, spas, bars, restaurants etc.

The Holiday Park is quite an interesting place for both kids and adults. It offers several interesting activities and includes rides like Sky Drop, Panoramic Big Wheel, roller coaster, along with several other things. Besides these you also have the best equipped and largest gym located in Southern Carnaria, a well-equipped wellness center and spa that offers several different types of massages and treatments.

Maspalomas is also popular for its water sports activities and you get to enjoy numerous opportunities to indulge yourself in activities such as Sailing, Surfing, Deep Sea Fishing, windsurfing and Body Boarding, and also Dolphin and Whale excursions. Moreover, you will find numerous attractions in Playa del Ingles as it has different types of water parks that will be of much interest to kids. So for your next vacation in Spain do consider visiting Maspalomas and have a blast of utmost fun and enjoyment.