Should I purchase a Window AC or a Split AC? This is one common question which most of them ask while shopping for air conditioners. Remember that, there are a lot of things that you should consider while buying an air conditioner for your home or office. In fact, choosing wrong type of air conditioner can blow up your electricity bills. Hence, you need to be very careful while picking an air conditioner for your home. Buying an air conditioner is actually a costly deal and making the right decision is really important to save your money from being wasted.

Here are few things which you have to consider while choosing an air conditioner for your home.


  • Easy Maintenance: Mini split air conditioners from one of the top brands like LG are very easy to maintain. It is very easy to replace or remove its filters. Hence, it is better to choose them to save your energy.
  • You have to always consider the size of your room before buying an air conditioner. This will help us to determine how much air in the room need to be cooled.
  • You should also consider the number people living in your room before buying an air conditioner as each and every individual emits some heat into the air, which need to be cooled by an air conditioner.
  • Most of the people usually don’t think about the electrical appliances in their room while buying an air conditioner. Don’t forget that each and every electronic appliance emits some heat.
  • Check how many windows you have in your room and make sure that they are well insulated to reduce the cooling load.

Split Air Conditioner & its Components

Most of the people these days are choosing Split AC due to its numerous benefits. Besides, they don’t require ductwork unlike the other type of air conditioners. The best part of split air conditioners is they keep your room cool inside and hot outside.  People consider split AC as the most effective option to cool their room due to its large compressor.

Moreover, the individual units in a split AC can be maintained very easily. A split AC actually consists of 2 important parts and they are compressor and an evaporator. Fan and evaporator are the indoor components while the outdoor section includes a compressor which plays a key role in cooling your room.

Thermostat in a split AC can detect the warm air in your room and activates the compressor in the outdoor section. This compressor circulates the refrigerant gas and moves the refrigerant gas into the condenser. The cooling system in the condenser is very effective in removing the heat from the refrigerant gas and once this gas is cooled completely, it will be converted into a liquid and reaches the evaporator in the indoor section.

The fan in the indoor section collects the warm air from your room and releases it into a chamber that contain cool liquid refrigerant and finally sends back the cool air into your room. It is always good to buy air conditioners from reputed brands like LG and etc. Moreover, you can easily find them on popular online shopping sites like eBay, Amazon and etc now at a very affordable price. There are also few sites online, which help you to compare the prices of different sellers. Hence, you could refer such sites to save your money!