How To Do A French Manicure At Home

Pretty nails are evident of a hygienic and self caring lifestyle. There isn’t a single women on the earth who isn’t looking for a well polished nails. A french manicure is the most fascinating part of the nail care, that almost every woman wishes to have. In order to get a nice french manicure done, all that a woman needs to do is to head to a beauty salon. But, doing the same sometimes, seem to be a bit tiresome and a lot of you might have wished to get your favourite french manicure done at home. If you too are willing to learn the art and do the same using your own french manicure set, then this is the perfect space for you to read on. Mentioned below are some steps that will take you to the most desirable nails in the form of a french manicure.

Step: 1

Get The Materials

You will need a set of equipment that are quintessential to get that polished french manicure nails. You need to collect some essential materials including, a nail file, a white coloured nail polish, and another nail polish of some different colour of your own choice. The second nail paint is usually either a nude one or light shaded. Apart from that you will need a clear nail polish to provide that finish to your nails and a nail paint remover to clear up any extra mess that your nails meet with. A small brush if you are willing to attempt the procedure freehand and yes! Lots and lots of patience too!

Step: 2


The first thing you need to do after gathering all the important materials is to prepare yourself and your hands for the treatment. Wash your hands and wipe out every drop of water. Giving your hands a soft and gentle massage will help you give that spa experience. Remove the already present nail paint on your nails, if any and get ready for the manicure. Trim and file your nails to give align them in appropriate proportions. Ensure that the tip as well as the side of your nail are straight. Following this wash your hands again to ensure there isn’t any residue left and you are good to go!

Step: 3

Work on the tips using the guide

The most crucial step in a french manicure is to achieve the finely done tips of the nail. You can achieve the same in two different ways, one being a freestyle and the other one is a guided method. Apply the guides that are available in the french manicure sets in the market one by one on the nails. Make sure that you apply the guides just below where the part portion of your nail starts. Now paint the white area of your nail with white nail paint and once done remove the guides.

Step: 4

Do The Tips With Free Hand

This process requires someone who have mastered the trick to do the tips with free hand. Fill in the white portion of your nail with the white coloured nail paint carefully. Make sure that the nail paint covers just one fourth of the entire surface of your nail.

Step: 5


Once done with the above mentioned 4 steps, you are ready for the final finishing of your nails. Apply the clear nail paint over after the previous nail paint dries up completely and there you go! You almost mastered the art of french manicure and too on your own.

After going through the above mentioned 5 steps you will experience your nails in the state in which you always wished them to be. Now, no more hassle of getting and changed and driving to the beauty salon as you have your own personal beauty salon at your house.