In the past years, social media networks have acquired about 1 billion users. More than one-third of the world’s population is now accessible through social media and causing marketing to be highly dependent on technology. This technology still focuses on people, though. This year, social media in Fairfield need to engage their audience on a personal level, to drown out all the noise.

Here are five hard-hitting social media marketing facts marketers need to leverage on:

  1. Investment in Visual Marketing. Live-streaming is the trend right now. Live video sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and DubSmash have become the “in” thing. Social media in Fairfield should use live video platforms to engage audiences with powerful graphics to retain their attention. Graphic design softwares are available in the market to choose from for your content creation process. Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media, according to HubSpot.
  2. Brand advocacy. Micro-influencers like employees, customers, and fans can help in promoting brand advocacy. These people are influential and credible who can help you build your outreach programs to reach target markets. Use social media to increase brand engagement and win new customers. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus have had an increase in business activity in the recent years.
  3. Personalization. There are tons of ads and commercials on all social media sites. There is a load of information your audience can get from multiple sources, which has become a huge challenge for marketers. Firebrand Social Media will help you track your consumers’ activities by aiming at them based on their interests. Some apps and tools have already incorporated personalization and targeting, and more will appear soon. You can target your market by posting content that they can relate to. Use the data that you can get from your tools. You need to personalize your brand to increase conversions.
  4. Native content promotion expansion. Traditional advertising itself is not a great choice in company branding. Native ads will help you create awareness that will connect you to your audience without disturbing user activities. Content innovation tools, circulation platforms, and intensification tools are means to naturally share your content through social media and earn you some pull.
  5. Marketing automation. Automation has become an essential part of marketing. Businesses should be present on more than one social network to keep prospects and consumers involved. Managing all these pages can be time-consuming, hence the need for a supporting social media management tool, which can automate the tasks that do not need personal attention. Tools like Buffer or Timely can auto schedule your posts. You can use the time saved elsewhere while maintaining consistency on all your pages.

To be successful in reaching their target market, sellers must discover and stay updated on the latest developments in technology. Firebrand Social Media specializes in social media in Fairfield. Their social media consultants assist companies to grow their businesses online. Contact them today at and start on your social media planning right now.