How Can A Backyard Increase The Value Of Your Property?

When it comes time to selling your home, you need to employ every trick in the book to ensure you maximize your home’s value.

One key asset that many people seem to overlook however is their own backyard. Yet with just a little work, this part of your home can also be put to work generating value – and it can be just as effective as a new kitchen or bathroom suite.

So get out there, get your gardening gloves on and start making some money with these simple tips.

Overall Overhaul

How Can A Backyard Increase The Value Of Your Property?

Ha, try saying that fast five times.

But seriously, most parts of your home are going to get a periodic overhaul, right? After all, you don’t normally hang wallpaper or paint a room and then just leave it forever. Fashions and tastes change for one thing, and that is as true in your yard as it with your home décor.

So, give your garden an appraisal and replace anything old, worn or simply old fashioned. This could be bushes that have seen a few winters and are straggly and ugly, it could be your garden furniture that is worn out and needs replacing or it could be paving that has seen better days.

Whatever it is, upgrade it.

Install Decking

Decking can be a great way to add value to your yard and do it quickly. Decking is great because once it’s installed; it provides a superb focal point for yards that really draws the eye. It’s a feature that is at the same time aesthetically pleasing and also provides practical use – a yard with great decking is a yard with an area set up for family and friends to enjoy on a long, hot summer weekend.

It’s because of this however that it makes sense to bring in the professionals with this one. A poorly installed deck is going to have the absolute opposite effect. It is going to look awful (trust us, it will) and even worse, it could be unsafe. No new homeowner wants to take on a deck that looks like it might fall down at any moment. Splash some of the budget on hiring professionals to install the deck therefore and reap the rewards later on.

Plant Trees

How Can A Backyard Increase The Value Of Your Property?

Trees can be another superb addition to a yard that add serious value – for two distinct reasons.

One – they look great. A yard that boasts trees is a yard that really stands out. As we discussed with the decking entry above, trees too are a high-ticket item that both grab the attention and provide a focal point to a yard.

The second benefit of trees is one that may not seem immediately apparent, but they can reduce your utility bills. That’s right, according to a study by the U.S Department of energy, by placing trees in the correct positions – to provide shade in summer and protection in winter, you could shave up to $250 from your annual bills.

That is a pretty interesting – and appealing – selling feature when you are listing your house for sale.

Fix Up the Lawn

Finally, if your lawn needs some TLC get on that before you think of listing your home. A lush deep green lawn that is barefoot-friendly is definitely a selling feature. A strip of withered brown scrub pitted with weeds on the other hand is not going to add value – if anything it’s going to detract it.

Again, consider bringing in pros if your lawn is beyond repair. They can quickly dig up and remove old grass and lay down new turf – just give it a few weeks to bed in properly and follow the care instructions for a magnificent lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors and will help push your home value through the roof.