How Much Meat Is One Person Allowed To Eat

The cooking experience teaches us which ingredients go for what kind of dishes, but this is an experience that is taught without cooking for years. This problem is especially common with the selection of the part of the meat we buy. We are not sure what type of meat we need and whether it is better beef or veal, or more red or pink meat. Therefore, we bring you a small guide to the proper selection of meat for certain types of dishes. The halal certification company will give you a list of how much meat can one person eat. Not that you are not allowed to eat more than that, but it is not recommended.

How to Recognize Fresh Meat

Good flesh is firm and elastic, pink or dark red, with a pleasant smell. Veal is a meat of beef animals up to 6 months old, of a mild taste and with very few solid binding fibers; It does not need to be matched and it is pinkish in color.

Beef Vs Veal

When choosing meat, it is important to take into account that the more adult, mature and darker the meat the more cooking it will require. So, for cooking foods, we will choose beef because it has a stronger taste than veal and can handle longer thermal treatment. Dinning is suitable for both dark and light meat. Baking in the oven is suitable for dark meat. Veal, unlike beef, seeks refined and lightweight processing because it is softer. If it is cooked for too long, we will get a dry or baked veal. Thus, veal is usually baked or fried shortly, but it requires less cooking. For baking, light meat as well as veal chest, muscles and veal parts are suitable.

Quantity of Meat per Person

• The rule is that the person has 200 g of bone-free meat and up to 300 g with bones.
• For a barbecue, you will need 150-200 g of bone-free meat from soft parts of the butt and fillet, and about 250 g of bone meal, such as chops.
• Use up to 120-150 g of meat per person without bones for cooking, and 250 g with bones.

Division of Veal According to Characteristics

According to quality, calves are divided into three groups. The first group is a kidney and butt. The second group fills the shoulder, chest, liver, and brain, and in the third, the neck, head, knees and legs.

1. Neck

The neck has small fragments of cartilage that are not felt and well spun with fatty tissue. The meat is very juicy and is sold sliced ​​and ground.

Usage: Used in diced, goulash, soup and rag. She is best served in its own juice and vegetables.

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