Advantages Of Using Steel Slag Conditioners

Slag comprises of nonmetallic co-products which are separated from metal by processing the ore in a furnace or slag conditioner. The separation process of metal and nonmetallic co-products from an ore depends on the chemistry and the morphology of the metal.

Slag Conditioner is used in the manufacture of alloys like steel which are made of carbon and iron.  Slag finds its use as an alternative material construction material as it is an eco-friendly product with amazing features and properties.  

Not just construction, the steel slag is used in the manufacturing hundreds of products ranging from utensils to heavy machines including war machinery.   Owing to its lightweight nature, scientists are in the process of creating bulletproof jackets of steel.

The steel is used for construction purposes extensively in the countries like Australia, China, and Brazil.  The steel slag is also used as an aggregate for road construction in these countries. In addition, it is also used for cement manufacturing, paver blocks, and bricks.  Some countries also use steel as a soil conditioner for agricultural purposes.

Some most amazing benefits of using Slag Conditioner

Currently, the production of steel slag is more than 12 million tones worldwide. This production is expected to increase in the future as the steel production is on the rise in the world.  The irony is in India, most of the steel slag is discarded because of the paucity of land.

Here are some most amazing benefits of using a Slag Conditioner for manufacturing steel:   

  • The advantage of using steel slag is that it is an inert product, hence attracts no impurities, thus it doesn’t contain hazardous substances.
  • The use of steel slag in a way avoids deforestation and the undue quarrying of the nonrenewable resources as when you will use this innate product for the construction purposes then it is obvious you will not need to cut trees for wood.
  • The use of steel slag is also used in the manufacturing of roads.  And the use of slag increases skid resistance hence makes driving safer. So the use of steel slag can address the poor infrastructure problem of India.
  • In terms of durability and longevity, the steel slag conditioner is a highly efficient product thus can be used as rail ballast. It helps saving maintenance costs.
  • Moreover, it can be also used as a soil neutralizer for the soils which are highly acidic in nature. The soils in Eastern India have been found of acidic nature.


Compared to US, UK, Australia and China like countries, the use of steel in India is still to a very minimal level despite having good reserves of steel slag in the country.  The efficient use of steel slag conditioner will increase the resource base of this country and it can be used to enhance the strength of the roads, housing, and other infrastructure.