Though plastic provides durable packing for goods, its use is not recommended in certain parts of the country due to environmental safety concerns. Plastics are considered to be highly damaging to the environment and can cause enormous harm to nature. However, all this information is not true. To get the real picture, you need to get an in-depth knowledge of plastic packaging and how it impacts the environment.

Learn About The Plastic Packaging and Environment

What impact plastic has on the environment?

As opposed to the common notion of people, plastics are not harmful to the environment. Its packaging offers a wide range of environmental benefits. The research carried out by several councils participating in the program, found that absence of plastics packaging materials increases the overall consumption of packaging mass, greenhouse gas emission and energy too.

What makes plastic packaging superior to other packaging materials?


Plastic packaging is not just light in weight, but also very strong. This implies that fewer vehicles and relatively less amount of fuel is needed to transport it. Plastic packaging does a positive contribution towards saving valuable resources and reduction of carbon emissions.


Another major benefit in relation to plastic packaging is that it is safe and hygienic to pack eatables such as vegetables and fruit. It is a hygienic way to buy food and reduce its wastage to a great extent. Plastic packaging has seen a significant innovations since a couple of years. Its quality is getting improved to ensure your food remains fresh for more time. This also reduces food wastage at home.

Reduced energy consumption

Manufacturing of plastic packaging requires half the amount of energy as required by alternative materials. As it is a very light in weight packaging material consumes less energy during the transportation of goods. The entire plastic industry is highly committed to use less energy and lowering carbon dioxide emission.

Easy Recycling

With the advancement in technology, plastic can be easily recycled to produce various beneficial products. It benefits different areas such as building and construction, furniture, making footwear or bag.

Effective energy source

Plastic has a high calorific value. So, when the life of plastic packaging comes to an end, it can be used as an effective energy source.

What are the steps that industry has taken about plastic use in the environment?

The plastics industry helps in reduction of litter. Many charities and non-governmental organizations work towards educating people about its harmless use. Their initiatives result in enforcement of “anti-litter legislation”. For preventing entry of litter into the marine environment, the BPF aids in reducing land and water pollution in a playfully creative way.


Plastic is very widely used to pack different types of items. It’s easy to carry feature and affordability makes it a commonly used item in various parts of the world. It has the ability to positively impact the environment as well. Thus, the use of plastic packaging in the coming years is going to increase instead of getting banned.