Saving Global Energy & Reducing Carbon Footprint

If you look around the world today, you will find that it lacks a movement strong enough to prevent pollution. It is crucial for the inhabitants of the planet to join hands and reduce carbon footprint in a collective manner. The onus lies in reducing emissions, lowering the carbon footprint, energy conservation and controlling the population. These steps are the key to global energy management as well as mineral conservation technology in the field of industrial development to improve results and save lots of money.

Luis Manuel Ramirez has years of invaluable experience in the field of global energy management. He is the CEO of TodoModo Group and in the past has been associated with three organizations namely, The Global Power Equipment Group, Siemens AG and GE Industrial Solutions. He has worked with both large industrial corporations and start-ups in over 150 nations across the world. He also has been responsible for the closure of several M&A deals worth more than $2 billion.

USA- the Scene Today

When it comes to the field of global energy management in the USA, he says that the nation has a larger carbon footprint over other nations in the world. There are global tax differences that are applied to energy use and carbon emissions across OECD and G-20 nations. These emissions are from transport energy and they are more expensive than heating and emission processes taxed at reduced rates. The average effective tax rate in about 41 nations is approximately EUR 14.8 tonne of carbon dioxide made from energy use.

The costs of this high energy usage seriously is harmful to both our local and national economy. The cost is obviously more in cities that are dense. Real estate managers have new roles when it comes to reducing the use of energy and improving the green profiles for commercial industrial districts across the USA.

Smart Technology Leading the Race

If you take at present buildings today, you will find that they have been fitted with smart technology for the reduction of energy loads. They transmit energy usage information to data control units for the commercial industrial managers. In North America, the key political issues revolve around improving commercial energy efficiency, international energy resource and the efficiency of commercial energy. There are some issues that center on present buildings that need new electrical and energy systems.

The Deployment of Winning Strategies to Help

Luis Manuel Ramirez says that industrial companies should deploy winning strategies that focus on the use of renewable energy systems for business opportunities. They can be in the form of wind farms, solar farms, hydro, roof solar systems and secure electric grids. He states that with the aid of distributed generation, you can reduce the requirements for installations for new electric transmissions with the growth of the population. Besides the above, it is also essential for you to focus on the reduction of water pollution. Similarly, water management processes and techniques should be adopted and embraced on a wide scale. In this way carbon footprint will be reduced.