With the recent boom towards smaller renovations and larger projects as whole becoming more and more widespread, there are quite a few home owners that have found themselves wanted to drastically add to their home while not doing a complete rebuild. Instead they may be looking for small extension ideas in which they can continue living in the same structures though add more space to their home.

So let’s explore two options you as a home owner can pursue if you still want to find some small extension ideas.

A Second Storey Extension

By far the most popular choice among homeowners who want to add space to their home is the second storey extension. This extension adds a complete new space to the home without having to extend or modify any of the existing structure outwards. Though when looking at this great option for improving overall value of a home and given you more space to live, the 2 storey extension cost is often brought up as a single reason behind improving a home. Though with the right contractor, the 2 storey extension cost could be negligible as the work performed can be cut down in cost when placed in the right hands.

Once the issue of cost has been dealt with, the benefits of choosing to add a second storey to your home outweigh everything else. There will be a new abundance of space to utilize and grow, adding more room for a possibly growing family or to accommodate family members taking in residence.

From the point of view of a landlord, choosing to add a second storey to your property only increases the amount of profits you can make off a single property. And in this case the cost of adding the second storey will pay for itself so to speak in a matter of time, how long that takes is simply up to the land owner and of course the current market for real estate.

Deciding On Small Extension Ideas

Exploring Other Small Extension Ideas

Though if a second storey is not a desired option there are plenty of other small extension ideas that a homeowner can pursue while still adding value and space to their living spaces.

An addition of a new room is always a possibility. You could add a new bedroom to accommodate an addition to the family, to allow a relative like a mother in law to move into your home, or simply use the extra space to add an entertainment room for entertaining guests and your family.

Though if that still doesn’t appeal to your needs, you could always choose to extend your space utilizing a semi enclosed patio that could act as a reception area for having guests over or simply enjoying meals in new and open space.

The only that limits you in choices is your ability to find new ways to enjoy your home, though whatever you choose be sure to also choose the right contractor for the job.