How To Provide More Privacy To Your Deck or Patio

When you invest your money, time and energy to create a deck or patio, then you wish to enjoy some good time with your family or special one. But you cannot enjoy it unless you have some privacy to your deck or patio. Here we are sharing some simple tips that can tell you how to provide more privacy to your deck or patio with ease.

Use a plant wall

Using a plant wall is one of the best ways to add privacy to your deck or patio without any issue. You can plant some big size tree or plant around your garden. You can also combine it with a hedge wall. This combination will give you privacy and a perfect look as well. The best thing about this option is that it will not look offensive to your neighbors as well. If your neighbor loves their privacy and greenery, they will surely appreciate this effort.

Fencing of your garden

Having a fencing of your entire garden is a good way to increase your privacy. You just need to make sure you choose the right material and you get it at the right height. Fencing with wood or similar material will keep the patio away from the direct sight of neighbors or other people. It will also act as a barrier and added security protection for you. Along with that, it can increase the beauty of your home as well with right design and shape.

Privacy screens

Some people don’t want to have a permanent solution such as a fencing or plant wall. For those people, privacy screens are the best solution. These are foldable screens or walls that you can install on around the deck or patio when needed. And if you don’t want to limit yourself within the boundary of these walls, just fold it and have an open space. In stead of the privacy screens, one can also use curtains with deck or patio. You can open or close when needed, and it will offer the needed privacy as well.

Add some sound

Privacy not only means visual privacy but sometimes you don’t want to share your thoughts or opinion with your neighbor. In an open space it is always hard to achieve this target, but adding some background noise can do the trick. Installing some waterfall can create a sound barrier between the patio deck and neighbors porch area. With this addition, you will feel much better, but others will find it hard to hear the communication on patio or deck. If you don’t want to add a permanent sound barrier, then a soft music could also give the same level of privacy with utmost simplicity.


All these privacy options are easy to implement with some basic efforts. The most notable thing about these ideas is that it gives a long lasting result as well. So, if you want to add some privacy to your deck or patio, make sure you implement these ideas with it. Other than this, you can also talk to your Covered Porch Lexington, KY expert for ideas to increase the privacy in a much better manner.