Installing outdoor lighting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your home safer. Crooks don’t like to be seen. Outdoor lighting also adds beauty and style to your home’s exterior spaces.

Why would you not take advantage of this easy, simple, and affordable way to protect and add value to your property?

Before investing in outdoor lighting, though, you should understand the kind of lighting fixtures that will work best for the overall look of your home and landscape.

In this article, we’ll share tips on the most important things you need to know when it comes to choosing outdoor lighting.

How to choose the right materials for outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures are manufactured from a variety of materials.

Here are the types of materials you’re most likely to find:

  • Brass 

stands up to the environment, especially in coastal areas. The color of brass may darken in time but it does not corrode very easily.

  • Copper 

great for all kinds of climate. Copper however, is not as durable as brass as an outdoor lighting fixture. Consider brass outdoor lighting that’s copper coated.

  • Ceramic

provides a unique look. Ceramic is a great choice because it is weatherproof. There are also many ceramic outdoor lighting fixtures that are Dark-Sky compliant. This ensures that you still get to enjoy the night sky and the stars while illuminating your home’s exteriors.

  • Cast Aluminum

a substitute for copper and brass outdoor lighting fixtures. It is more affordable than the others, but it’s more likely to corrode. If you choose cast aluminum, be sure there is a weather-resistant finish on the lighting fixture.

Identifying outdoor lighting styles

There is a wide array of styles to choose from if you are shopping for outdoor lighting. Here are some of the most popular options commonly available:

  • Antique

for vintage-style homes, this is the perfect choice. It has a classical colonial design. Materials may include bronze, brass, and copper finishes.

  • Modern

for modern, contemporary, or transitional homes. The modern style will bring out the beauty of the space. These lighting fixtures have smooth and clean lines. Materials may include nickel, chrome, and stainless steel finishes.

  • Nautical

if your home is near the beach or coast, this is the ideal choice. The nautical design comes in iron, black, and satin finishes.

  • Rustic

for lodge-style or cabin homes, the rustic outdoor lighting will complement the beauty of the exterior space. Rustic outdoor lighting fixtures are made of hand-forged metal accents and they come in pewter as well as other natural finishes.

Special considerations when choosing outdoor lighting

Here are some addtional concerns you should keep in mind when choosing outdoor lighting:

  • Energy Efficient Lighting 

Look for CFL or LED fixtures. This will save electricity and money.

  • Type of Bulbs 

select bulbs that are for damp environments and rated for outdoor use. Asjust wattage to the need. Don’t shine more light than you need in any space.

  • Dark-Sky Lighting

to lessen the contribution to light pollution, choose dark sky compliant outdoor lighting. These fixtures minimize the glare and help keep the night sky visible.

How to choose outdoor lighting fixtures – wrapping it up

Always consider the overall design of your home so that you will know the kind of outdoor lighting that will better complement your home’s beauty. And don’t forget to choose energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting fixtures. Look for dark-sky compliant fixtures to make the night friendlier.

For security, make sure there are no hidden dark spaces where would-be crooks can hide. To get the best prices, consider shopping online. Many sites provide special discount coupons on outdoor lighting when you sign up for notifications from the site.

Abel Cane loves the night sky, dark-sky lighting, and meteor showers. Keep up with Abel via Twitter @boomalive.