Applying for a college scholarship admission is an important process of any student’s life. There are certain rules and standards that you must comply with, but it usually comes down to this:

  1. a) A good GPA Score (4.0 is really fine)
  2. b) A good ACT Score (27+ is ideal)
  3. c) A good Scholarship Essay

Of course, there are so many more aspects that could decide whether you’ll be eligible for the scholarship or not, but these are the main aspects that must be considered. Fortunately, college scholarships are not all about the GPA scores and the extracurricular activities that you’ve previously performed.

In fact, a college scholarship admission truly depends on the student’s scholarship essay. If you can exemplify the virtues and the values which are highly emphasized by the college’s perspective and philosophy, you’ll have better chances of success.

Most colleges are also looking for capable individuals who present a low-risk chance of dropping out after money have been invested.

To be honest, it all comes down to the choice of the person in charge with these aspects. The college scholarship provider can choose between you and a few more thousands applicants. Your job is to impress him and make him believe that you’re truly worth the college’s money, time, and effort.

1. Impeccable Grammar, Spelling, and Structure

The most important aspect of a highly successful scholarship essay is the quality of the text. The grammar and spelling must impeccable! You cannot go wrong this time, as it will totally destroy your chances of being admitted. Each college has different rules and guidelines regarding the structure of the essay.

Specialists from BestCustomEssay suggest that everyone should be very careful when organize your text. Don’t create blocks of text, do not mistake any spellings, and never send the essay before proofreading it one hundred times.

2. Be Yourself, Be Genuine, and Be Creative

As already mentioned, most colleges aren’t looking just at previous student’s performance. It’s important, of course, but it’s not enough to put you on the scholarship list. What they actually want is to understand you, get to know your values and perspectives, and see the “different'” in you.

That is why your college scholarship essay must really speak genuine things about your person. Don’t try to lie just in order to impress; this is a huge mistake. You should also get creative with your topic, and let them know that you can think out-of-the box.

3. Stick to the Point, Be Very Firm

A very common mistake that many students commit when submitting: they don’t stick to the point. You see, the evaluator has to deal with thousands of application letters. He’s a human, not a robot. Irrelevant essays are wasting his time, and mistakes such as not sticking to the point will make him go nuts.

Figuring out what a certain student wants to say and understanding where he wants to go with his points is not enjoyable. Therefore, if you stick to the point and you remain firm, you’ll improve your admission chances.


Writing a standout college scholarship essay is not an easy task. After all, you’re fighting for thousands of dollars and for a chance to educate yourself. A lot of other students would die for this chance, so crafting your scholarship essay with much care and professionalism is the way to succeed.