How Ben Hammond’s Life Changed In 2012

Ben Hammond is married to his wife, Tanya, and they have five children together. The family has stated that the family has been emotionally and financially crippled since 2012 because of a reaction that Ben suffered after getting the whooping cough vaccination. Mr. Hammond contracted acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, which is an autoimmune disease, after getting the vaccine. This is a condition that causes irreversible damage to the spinal cord.

This condition has caused Ben to lose sensation below his waist. He also has problems walking and suffered memory loss. Ben received the vaccine a few weeks prior to developing acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. He had to get this vaccine before he visited his premature son at King Edward Memorial Hospital.

Ben tried to get an ex gratia payment from the government many times, but he was unsuccessful. He is now trying to sue the WA health minister. Ben and his wife are hoping that this will make changes in vaccine injury law in Australia.

The Long-Term Effects Of The Vaccine Injury

Ben stated that he had a peaceful, normal life prior to his vaccine injury. He also stated that he is not trying to get rich. He just wants to be able to provide for his wife and children. The family has hired an attorney whose name is General Michael Mischin. They have also started a Gofundme page to help pay for Ben’s medical expenses. They have received $10,000 in donations. The money will also be used to help the Hammond Family take their case to court.

Alannah MacTiernan is also helping the family. She has stated that any amount of money will be able to help Ben. The medical supplies that he needs costs hundreds of dollars per month. Before Ben suffered a vaccine injury, he worked as a mine supervisor and made $280,000 per year.

Alannah is also working hard to make sure that everyone who has suffered a vaccine injury receives the compensation that they deserve. She has stated that it is said that families have to rely on an attorney when the government should be able to work with them to come up with a solution.

Tony Abbot, who is the former prime minister, and Premier Colin Barnett, have expressed their sympathy. However, Wendy Duncan, who is the Kalgoorlie state MP, stated that it is not enough. She also stated that the family is in dire straits.

This is not the only obstacle that Ben and his family are facing. They were investigated by the police last year because someone reported that they were making methamphetamine on their property. The police did not find any evidence of the drug on their property. However, they did find cannabis material. Ben stated that he is using the cannabis material to alleviate pain and treat his physical problems.

Wendy stated that the only thing that the family wants to do is receive justice for the pain and suffering that they have endured due to Ben’s injury. The family stated that they deserve the compensation because they participated in the required vaccination program. A pre-trial conference has been tentatively scheduled for this year.

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