Pros and Cons Of Living Near One’s Workplace

We have been hearing from a lot of property buyers over time how it is extremely beneficial to live near the workplace. Whether it is the travel cost or time saved, living near the workplace seems like a good option for the masses but should we really ignore the hampered work-life balance and the stress that living near the workplace brings for many? What’s better a city to analyze how good it really is to live near the workplace than the IT city Bangalore itself?

Let us look into Bangalore to measure the pros and cons of living near the workplace.

It has been seen that the demand for real estate Bangalore is on a constant rise and especially for the areas like Electronic City and Whitefield that are in vicinity of the major IT hubs and commercial centres. While it is the need of being near the workplace is what governs the demands here, what cannot be ignored is the rise in new projects in Bangalore in the localities that are in the city’s suburbs like the Sarjapur road. The factor that takes people to these suburbs are the need to live a quiet life and come back home leaving the office stress at office.

This different school of thought brings us to one question, what determines whether or not we should live near the workplace? Let us look at some points that help people in making the decision.


Here are the factors that the live near workplace advocators use to justify the advantage this decision offers –

Low Cost

The price of gas and fuel is not going to reduce any time soon, this makes living near your workplace a feasible option as you get to save a huge amount in both fuel and the wear and tear.

Makes you a Reliable Employee

Guess who will come to office when the bad weather strikes or who will be the first person to punch in the card every day? You! Because you live near the workplace. This makes you the most reliable person in the office when it comes to work.

Saves Time

Being near the workplace saves a lot of commutation time, which is otherwise, exploited when you live further away.


Now that you have seen the reasons that makes buyers look for those properties in Bangalore that are extremely near to their workplace, here the factors that takes the others away –

Less Chance at Work Life Balance

Because you live nearest to the workplace, the first person who will be called in for urgent work would be you. This hampers the work life balance to a big extent, especially when you have planned a quiet day out with the family and you have to finish an urgent work right that time in office.

Lack of Feasibility

Considering people do not usually stick with one job, changing houses on the basis of a job can be impossible for those who live in a permanent residence. Also it is not necessary that your spouse or some other family member works in the same organization as you this makes it even more difficult to decide where to live.

While there are a number of factors beside the kms. Between your house and the workplace that determine where you should buy a house, this one cannot be ignored. Now that you know the pros and cons, decide what class you belong to and then buy your house in Bangalore.

Author Bio: Tripti Rai, a keen observer who writes for and swears on fiction readings. Professionally working with a concentrated focus on real estate sector, she keeps her readers informed about latest developments in real time through her writing. When found not writing or reading, she is busy thinking about the next book or writing inspiration. You can find her on G+ and LinkedIn.