Do you like to celebrate life? Do you spare any time for you and your loved ones? If not, then you must. Just make the days count in your life and bonds. For example, on the day of Valentine, just make your beloved feel loved and extraordinary!


It is always good to celebrate days in the best possible manner. In present times, since people are well aware about the Valentine day, you can find many events, parties, and functions taking place on 14th February. Talking about Valentines Day in Mumbai, you can witness love everywhere. Whether you talk about restaurants, hotels, halls, discs or streets, you will only find love birds and a lot of celebration.

You can embrace variety of Events on This Day

  • If you think that your city is not at all happening, then you need to dig deeper. Once you get into the areas, you will get to know dozens of events taking place around you. For example, there are different pool parties going to be held on 14th February in Mumbai. Just get your tickets books and feel the warmth of your love in cold water. Why to spend the day of love at home when you have so much on your plate to do?

  • Then there are different cafes which throw exciting parties and games on the day of Valentine. These cafes conduct different game shows and activities for couples. You can have a day of your love with your beloved. Just participate in these activities and grab a lot of fun. Who knows you just win some cool prices too! So, make your Valentine day moments memorable and worth cherishing with café celebrations. All you have to do is get your couple registered on their list because they have limited seats only!

  • Then if you love to celebrate your love in a filmy style then you can check out various dancing events taking place on Valentine day and around it. You can learn cool romantic dance steps, performances and much more. The expert dancers will share their mantras of rich dancing style. You can also perform a dance on a romantic track with your beloved. So, what can be more happening than having your love in your arms and feet on romantic tunes?

  • If you enjoy music then you can book tickets for musical concerts. In Mumbai, different musicians carry out live performances on this day of love. Whether you like Bollywood, western, Sufi, regional or mixed, you can enjoy them all. Popular and well known singers give back to back song performances for love couples. Of course, you can filter as per your tastes. So, just enjoy the evening in the realm of melodious voices and mesmerising performances.

In a nutshell, there is no end of enjoyment if you want it. The more you explore, the more you get. The best thing about the events is that they are reasonable and every couple can get tickets for them easily. So, this Valentine, can’t you afford a single pair of tickets for your bond?