Where To Find A Really Tasty Pizza In Rome?

It would be strange not to try pizza when being in Rome. But unfortunately, in some pizzerias it can be tasteless, burnt or even ‘rubbery’. Therefore, we’ve prepared the list of Rome’s establishments, where you can enjoy the most delicious, tender and flavored pizza.

Where To Find A Really Tasty Pizza In Rome?


Many people consider this place to be the best pizza-spot in Rome. It serves pizza in the Neapolitan style – with tasty dough and with lots of filling. However, don’t hurry to feast on the main course. Start with ‘fritti’ (fried snacks), for example with ‘suppli ‘alla gricia’ – fried balls of rice with dried pork, sheep cheese pecorino and black pepper. Of course, don’t forget to order a glass of beer.

Address: Via Statilio Ottato, 110/116

Coordinates: 41.857017, 12.569535

Operating hours: Monday-Sunday 7.45am-11.30pm

Antico Forno Roscioli

Located between Campo de ‘Fiori and Largo Argentina, Antico Forno is a unique century-old bakery. In fact, its pizza Bianca – the Roman bread with olive oil, became a cult dish for students, workers, tourists and those who just like to eat tasty food. By mixing flour, water, salt, yeast and sugar, Roscioli family has created a true culinary masterpiece, and a soft top and with a crispy crust. So, taste it, but don’t hesitate – it’s delicious when hot!

Address: Via dei Chiavari, 34

Coordinates: 41.894554, 12.474299

Operating hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-7.30pm

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Just within a short walk from the Antico Forno Roscioli there’s another secret spot of every gourmet – Forno Campo de’Fiori. It serves the amazingly crispy pizza Bianca, thin pizza Rossa (so-called cakes with tomato sauce), excellent sandwiches and pastries. In addition, in August and September you can enjoy there the seasonal offer – ‘pizza prosciutto e fichi’ – pizza Bianca with ham slices and sweet, overripe figs.

Address: Vicolo del Gallo, 14

Coordinates: 41.895811, 12.471570

Operating hours: Monday-Sunday 7.30am-2.30pm, 4.40pm-8pm

La Gatta Mangiona

At first sight, La Gatta Mangiona looks like an ordinary pizzeria. But once you try any dish, you will realize that you are in the right place. Order potato croquettes, which are served with leek, cod and lemon zest or ‘suppli ‘con ragu bia’ with meat sauce according to Neapolitan recipe of the XVIII century. The menu features a great range of pizzas – from the traditional ‘Margarita’ to such rare species as the ‘scozzese’ (with potatoes, salmon, mozzarella cheese and parsley) – each kind of pizza is cooked by using high-quality dough. The wine list of La Gatta Mangiona includes more than 200 items, 70 types of beer, grappa and whiskey – it’s enough to surpass the majority of Roman restaurants.

Address: Via Federico Ozanam, 30-32

Coordinates: 41.875756, 12.447711

Operating hours: Monday-Sunday 7.45am-11.30pm

Where To Find A Really Tasty Pizza In Rome?

Da Remo

If you visit this classic Roman pizzeria before 8 o’clock in the evening, get prepared to queue for ‘scrocchiarella’ – pizza with a crispy thin crust. In the beginning, take a ‘Fritti’, then continue your dinner with a portion of the beans, and after that enjoy an incredibly tasty and crunchy pizza baked in a wood oven. This pizza is delicious especially when there’s not a lot of filling in it, so it’s recommended to order the classic ‘margaritas’. Another advantage of this restaurant is fast and dexterous waiters, so you won’t have to wait long for your order.

Address: Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice, 44

Coordinates: 41.880948, 12.475500

Operating hours: Monday-Saturday 7pm-1am

La Fucina

La Fucina restaurant is famous for its ‘pizza degustazione’. That means the pizza and cakes are sliced in such a way, that guests can share them. It’s recommended to taste a unique pizza with zucchini flowers, shrimp, and mozzarella cheese or mortadella sausage with pistachios. This pizzeria offers an impressive selection of wines, and the owner is always ready to help you to choose a couple of bottles for your dinner.

Address: Via Giuseppe Lunati, 25-31

Coordinates: 41.860595, 12.452550

Operating hours: Monday-Sunday 7.45pm-11pm

Life Pizzeria Bio

Life Pizzeria Bio is the first organic pizzeria in the city. Among the huge selection of different pizza you can easily find there lots of vegetarian options. So, if you don’t eat meat, pizza with mozzarella cheese, zucchini and onion with different seasonal fillings will be the best choice. There are also several non-traditional kinds of pizza: ‘salmone controcorrente’ with salmon, mozzarella cheese and ginger or pizza ‘eros’ with tomatoes, chili pepper, basil and dark chocolate.

Address: Via Cassia, 701,

Coordinates: 41.964012, 12.445039

Operating hours: Monday-Saturday 7pm-12am

Where To Find A Really Tasty Pizza In Rome?

So, are you ready to enjoy the most delicious pizza in Rome? Then visit any of the above-mentioned establishments during your next trip to Rome. By the way, you can use a rental car with optional GPS device to get to them quickly.

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