Waste comes in different sizes and shapes. Clearing the space in the garage, getting good riddance from furniture and renovation can result in the buildup of waste within the house. In this scenario, homeowners and even the owners of commercial properties can take the services of professional rubbish collection companies. These companies are of good help in eliminating the collection of unwanted waste. If you happen to live in London then you can take the services of professional rubbish collection London. Some of the most common services provided by rubbish collection companies in London are as follows:


It is a type of service that helps in clearing all sorts of rubbish from the residential property of an individual. There are a number of factors that influence the price of home rubbish collection and they are volume, time and location. Try getting at least three to four no obligations, free quotes of various removal services for getting a better understanding of pricing and the choices available.

Collection of Hard Rubbish

There are a lot of people who use the professional services of rubbish collection London for the removal of large and hard rubbish. Hard rubbish includes TVs, lawn mowers, dishwashers, washing machines, furniture, scrap metal, white goods and air conditions. Here, you must known that white goods are the white-colored goods or appliances used within a household.

Removal of Office Waste

Commercial premises have this tendency of creating a large heap of waste material within a very short span of time. The waste removal requirements of an office include the removal of old furniture, electronic recycling along with waste collection and the disposal of rubbish post move.

Deceased Estate

Deceased estate waste collection is a type of service which is provided for collecting and disposing waste and rubbish from the property of a deceased individual. These services do not dispose all the items but they actually clean the property by sorting out the valuable and the non-valuable items.

Garbage Collection

Apart from offering one-ff collections and removals, rubbish collection companies in London also provides regular service in picking up and hauling garbage waste to the dumping area.

Green Waste or Garden Waste

This service involves the collection of green waste, park rubbish and garden refuse such as leaves, chipped wood, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings and animal bedding. These types of wastes can be recycled very easily.


Any home or office renovation leaves behind a good amount of waste and this waste needs to be collected and then disposed. One of the best options that can be chosen for getting rid of renovation waste is a professional rubbish collection company. By taking the services of a rubbish collection company one can get rid of old floorboards, large pieces of furniture and masonry. You must make sure to get hold of a company that carries out its serves in an ethical manner and makes use of the designated dumps and similar locations.

Carpet Removal

Companies dealing in rubbish collection London also offer carpet removal and discarding services. They pull up and remove old carpeting and other floor materials. These companies also help in cleaning up the entire area and in donating or recycling the discarded flooring.