It’s difficult not to fall in love with the look and feel that crackling fire can create. With several fireplace options available, many homeowners can enjoy this comfort in their very own house. However, there are tons of questions associated with fireplaces that should be answered! That’s why this article incorporates ten trendy remodel ideas and at the same time answers common questions in the mind of individuals who are planning for home improvement that involves remodeling fireplaces.

Fireplaces Melbourne

Fireplaces Melbourne

Different Types of Fireplace Available

Before discussing about the design, let know more about the various fireplaces that you can install in your home.

  • Electric fireplaces
  • Wood burning fireplaces
  • Decorative fireplaces
  • Gas fireplaces and
  • Bio-ethanol fireplaces

Basically, the fireplace is often categorized in terms of its source of fuel., where gas is regarded to be the cheapest whereas electric gets on the expensive side in terms of energy tariff.

Trendy Fireplace Remodel Designs For Home Improvement

Today, there are a plethora of designs that have evolved to meet the requirements of homeowner and that too at a good value. These designs include

Contemporary Fusion Style

In this design, both modern and contemporary elements are amalgamated to create a warm and youthful look that stands apart from the crowd. Subtle components of this design can be sleek furniture, artistic details on the wall and a modern fireplaces that would complete the room beautifully. This style is best meant for those who are planning to install or upgrade the fireplace in their living room. Certain tips to follow for achieving this style to perfection are

  • Elements should flow in a synchronized manner, where each one of them must complement each other
  • Focus on a particular shade of color and match up the same in everything, from wall, sofas, cushion covers till the accessories of fireplaces
  • For this style, the minimal you have the better it will be, and that is what makes it a budget-friendly design.

Luxurious and Peaceful Style

If you thought that a luxurious fireplace remodel would cost a fortune then you have got it all wrong. The beauty of royalty can be treasured at a nominal price as well. To do this, work on the texture and shades of the furniture to create a sophisticatedly themed design. A grand sofa that invites relaxation besides a royal bed can do the trick. The best place to have this style is the bedroom area, where you can rejoice the comfort of fireplace during extreme cold.

Tips to follow for this style are

  • It’s a one color design, so whatever you choose focus on that itself. Light colors are an incredible symbol of luxury
  • Accessorize the fireplace using hearth rugs, doors or mantles to make the star of the space
  • Use the elements wisely and stay away from unwanted or not so worthy components
Fireplaces Sandhurst

Fireplaces Sandhurst

Eco-Friendly- The Green Appeal Style

No one can escape the serenity of nature, then why not make it a part of your home improvement? Mix plants with a striking work of green to combine an artful display near the fireplace area. In fact, you can even go for environmentally friendly fireplaces that will complete the essence of this style. Calming colors such as blue, green, white or pastels are best for this style.

Few important tips for the eco-friendly design are

  • Choose a group of similar plants at the mantle that bloom at the same time
  • Use furniture inspired from the beauty of nature
  • Choose the details of fireplace that are centric to the theme.

The best area where you can have this is at your living space or sunrooms that lets you immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.