Finding a quality nanny can be something of a task at the best of times, though things can get even trickier when looking for a foreign language speaking nanny.  In the case of an Italian moving to London or already working in the capital, it is a case of ticking all of the usual boxes along with a few added extras to meet requirements. The good news however is that these days,locating an Italian speaking nanny in London is technically easier than it has ever been as availability has never been higher. Nevertheless, in order to find the very best nanny out there it is still important to bear a few helpful tips and guidelines in mind from those who know the industry better than anyone else.

Finding An Italian Speaking Nanny In London – Helpful Tips

Use Online Resources

For example, the fastest and easiest way of tracking down the very best Italian speaking nannies in London is to use specifically targeted online resources. These days, there are plenty of resources and websites set up specifically for Italians making the move to the UK, with helpful information on various subjects including child care. There are of course plenty of other online resources for finding nannies in general, which will in many cases also list foreign speaking and international nannies.

Interview Personally

Another crucially important tip is that of never relying 100% on the word and the vetting process of the website or agency you use when looking for a nanny.  Instead, it is absolutely mandatory to carry out your own interviews in order to gain a personal insight into the nanny, their background and generally how well they fit with your circumstances and needs. It is one thing for a nanny to tick all of the right boxes on paper, but it is something else entirely for them to measure up to the mark when you meet them and screen them in-person.

Ask for References

Very little is of more importance when seeking a nanny than ensuring that they have strong references in order to back up their claims. Assuming that the nanny has been in business for some time and has experience, it should be no problem for them to produce feedback and to point you in the direction of those they have worked for in the past. In any instance where feedback appears to be absent or difficult to come across, this should be taken as something of a warning sign that things may not in fact be all they appear to be.

Suggest a Trial Period

Even if you’re won over by a nanny and believe them to be perfect in every way, it is still important to suggest a trial period of work rather than immediately signing a long-term and binding contract. The reason being that the vast majority of people will behave slightly different during application and interview stages of the recruitment process, compared to how they behave on the job. Chances are you will still be happy with what they do and how they do it, but for the sake of everyone involved it is a good idea to suggest trial periods of work.

Check Their English Skills

Despite the fact that you are looking for a primarily Italian speaking nanny, never overlook the importance of checking their English language skills. The reason being that there may be dozens of instances, some more urgent than others, when they are required to speak to people who do not speak a word of Italian – as in English nationals. Or in other words, you need to make sure that if there is an emergency, they are able to communicate flawlessly with English nationals and will not struggle with only a very remedial grasp of the language.

Gauge Compatibility

Last but not least, there is very little of more importance than ensuring that you pick a nanny who is 100% compatible with the family in general. It must be remembered that there is a difference between professionalism and compatibility –what you are looking for here is a perfect balance of both. For example, the nanny may technically be fantastic child care professional though may also have a personality that clashes with your own. Or it could simply be that their approach to child care is very different than your own, which once again will lead to clashes and problems along the way. The key here being to go with your gut and listen to your heart when it comes to gauging compatibility with any given nanny.