Whether you are a homeowner or own a business property, you must be having trees in the premises that are taken care of on a regular basis. The trees not only enhance the beauty of your compound and the overall structure, but also provide a healthy environment, don’t they? So, keeping your plants, trees or shrubs healthy and safe becomes your responsibility and that’s when you need a tree surgeon or an Arborist. An Arborist is someone who usually concentrates on the health and security of your plants, bushes, and trees instead of taking care of forests or harvesting wood.

Tree surgeons are the perfect people as they are extremely knowledgeable about trees and their safety aspect. However, since managing plants and trees requires specific knowledge and expertise you need to hire experienced tree surgeons that are proficient in their field. Taking proper care of your trees is considered as an investment as, properly managed plants and trees can enhance the value of your property. Therefore, while you are looking for the right tree surgeons Essex for your requirements, you must consider a few factors.


The tree surgeons should be well qualified and should have relevant experience with all aspects of plants and trees. They should hold the local certifications and should have undergone appropriate training. As the arborist if they have insurance, if yes, then ask for a proof for the same. Lack of insurance by the so called “tree expert”, can cause huge financial damage to the home owners.  In this situation, it’s the homeowner who is held liable for any destruction or injury caused during the tree job being performed and when gone wrong. Moreover, you should also make sure that you get in writing for any tree job that will be taken care of by the tree surgeons Essex and ask for the price quote. Ask the service relevant questions without any hesitation like, when the job would start and end, who will be liable for cleaning up, if this is the total price or if there are any hidden charges, and if they would be comfortable to perform some added work later if they are assigned?

A reputed tree care service will not only ensure that they offer a complete public liability and personal accident insurance, but will also offer you complete and elaborate quotation in writing for all work that needs to be done. A trusted service also suggests its clients not to simply accept the lowest bid. They advise their clients that they should always be aware of the company background, and should know about the company in-depth to avoid any disagreements in future. You can also ask them for some samples of their previous work visit previous work locations, or simply look at the photos of any previous work that they might have done with previous clients.

Therefore, if you are looking for the right tree surgeons Essex, you must consider these factors before you finally hire someone for your needs.