The best way to explore a new city is to experience it like a local does. You want an authentic experience, and you can’t get that by falling into the run-of-the-mill tourist traps that have little in the way of actual culture. If you want to experience the best entertainment, food and customs that a new local has to offer, check out these five apps:

Local Yocal: 5 Apps To Help You Live Like A Local When Visiting A New City


If you’re looking for the best live music around, download the free Timbre app from Apple. With a fully comprehensive list of concerts that are searchable by city, you can see who is playing where and when, and even sample some audio of their collection. If you are interested in the show, you can even purchase tickets directly through the app.

Field Trip

Traveling with the Field Trip app is like traveling with your own personal tour guide. This free app, available for Apple or Android, educates you on the local history of wherever you are, while also recommending the best places to shop, eat and find entertainment. Simply select the feeds that you are interested in, and Field Trip will automatically send information to your phone as you walk. Plug in a headset and you can even have the information read to you.

Chefs Feed

Another free app from Apple, Chefs Feed will elevate your dining experience by pointing you to local restaurants that have been praised by other top chefs. Skip the time-wasting drudgery of sifting through unreliable user reviews, and instead see where the true professionals dine, and read their recommendations for their favorite dishes.


With the Foodict Gourmet Food Dictionary app from Apple, you are treated to an extensive dictionary of local and international food terms. Now you can feel comfortable skipping the touristy restaurants and instead order dinner at a local hot spot with confidence. The best part about this $1.99 app is that no internet connection is needed to access the dictionary.

Spotted by Locals

This app, for Apple or Android, is 100 percent offline so you can use it whether you have WiFi access or not. The app, which can be purchased for $3.99, has writers in over 50 cities across North America and Europe. These authentically local writers offer insider traveling tips and hand-pick the best places to visit. Best of all, the recommendations are frequently updated and specific to the season.

If you don’t want to travel like a tourist, use these apps to help you find all the local spots. You’ll see the city at its best, and have a truly unique experience. The information for this article was provided by Fort McDowell, a destination spot for dining and events.